Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas in Iowa- 2014

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Christmas in Iowa! I love this time of year and love celebrating with my girls! It is so magical!

As you know Tim has been busy traveling all over for residency interviews. When Tim got offered an interview at UC-Irvine we decided since tim would already be in SoCal why not join him and enjoy a little family trip to Disneyland! The timing worked out just perfectly between some other interviews and heading to Utah for Christmas so we jumped at the chance. Kate can't stop talking about which princesses she is going to see and I can't wait to see Disneyland decorated for Christmas! We are actually headed out this week and can't wait to be together in California!

So with our Disneyland trip and then heading to Utah for Christmas, Santa was kind enough to came to our house almost 3 weeks early. He's awesome like that! Out of the 10 days we will have been home in Iowa… Tim was actually only here for 2 of them so we had a very small window of time to celebrate.

Friday night the girls and I went to our ward's Christmas party while Tim was making his way back from Arizona. Kate was asked to be an angel in the nativity and she was so excited. She loved her costume and practiced and had her line "Glory to God! Glory to God" down. But when it came down to actually saying it she "wasn't so sure" (she even said that into the microphone..silly girl). But she did sing and looked darling! It was very sweet!

Then Saturday morning we enjoyed opening gifts, eating Christmas morning casserole, and spending the entire day together! Kate was thrilled with the Magic Clip princesses and Elsa dress that she received and had asked for. And Millie loves the awesome balls and dolly that Santa brought her.

Here are a a few pictures from our morning-

Making a snowflake ornament at the library

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  1. These pictures of your Christmas are so sweet. Have lots of fun at Disneyland. It will be so fun to see it decorated for Christmas. We can hardly wait to see you and hear all about it. So glad you all will be here soon!