Friday, November 7, 2014

Madison, WI

Residency interview season is here! It is pretty crazy to believe that come May Tim is really going to be a doctor and that he is interviewing for his next/actual "job" aka residency. What an exciting time!

For those of you that don't know Tim is going into pediatrics! That has always the plan...although some specialities did tempt him...but peds stuck. Peds is 3 years and then Tim plans to do a 3 year fellowship most likely in neonatology although our 4 weeks in Utah got him really excited about genetics. Yes...Kate will be 10 by the time Tim is a full-blown attending doctor done with training!  

Anyway, Tim has been very busy traveling here and there for interviews...flying across the country and driving around the midwest. We feel so blessed to have been invited to interview at so many places. Often he's had interviews like M,W,F so he's had to be gone a lot so we decided when we could that we'd tag along. The residency programs put Tim up in a new hotel and take pretty good care of him with nice meals the night before as well as the day of. One place even picked him up in a suburban limo. So took advantage of the free lodging and decided to head to Wisconsin with him and check it out.

The girls and I went to the zoo, stopped by and snagged some of our favorite Trader Joe goods, got lunch out and explored their awesome children's museum while Tim was busy interviewing. Madison is a really cool town...a big college town like Iowa City...but with beautiful lakes surrounding it and because it's a bigger city has some of those things IC doesn't have like a zoo. 

We are just trying to enjoy this exciting time...I don't want to begin to think about the long wait between when Tim finishes his interviews (Christmas break) and when we will actually find out where he matches (March 20th). I am sure it will seem like forever but we will do our best to savor this last half a year of school and go from there I guess! 

Checking out the giraffes at Henry Vilas Zoo

Gotta love those mini shopping carts at TJ

Kate LOVED these magnetic shapes. She played with them for at least 30 minutes.

On top of the children's museum

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