Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kate Update- November 2014

Here a quick update on a few new things about Kate...
  • Adores going on Daddy daughter dates! 
  • Loves watching Octonauts and the newly discovered Paw Patrol (thank you gym Kids Club).
  • Loves to pick up Millie and is surprisingly good at it and gentle.
  • Has the longest Christmas List ever! And can be found sining "Santa Clause is Coming to Town."
  • Asks daily if we can go to one of her Grandma's houses, see her cousins, or go see Mistek (my parents cat).
  • Has developed a fear of airplanes...she is insistent that she does not want to fly to Utah for Christmas! Which is strange because she previously always loved flying. We'll see how our flight goes come December.
  • Favorite toys: Duplo Legos (this girl can build some pretty impressive castles), Daisy and Minnie Mouse Bowtique figures and accessories, and dress ups!
  • Favorite Books: Fancy Nancy, Octonauts, and Look and Find books
  • Is really starting to pick up recognizing numbers. We haven't really worked on them but with the little traveling we have been doing and asking Kate to push the elevator buttons I know she knows 1,2,3,4,6.
  • Wears size 7-7.5 shoes
  • Wearing mostly 3 T clothes now. 
  • Has the best imagination and plays on her own so well. 
  • Still has that crazy memory...she doesn't forget a thing!!!

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  1. Your little helpers, Hay, are growing up! Looks like Kate is ready to make something. We miss you too and can't wait for you to come for Christmas!