Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Des Moines, IA

We took another opportunity to tag along with Tim to Des Moines this weekend! The hotel they put us up in was super nice and had some really good food. 

Des Moines is only a two hour drive from Iowa City. We've spent a little time there...aka I did make a few Costco runs there before our lovely one opened here. But we really hadn't had much opportunity to really see what the city had to offer. We enjoyed checking out some fun along the river playing on their giant fishing pole swing set, walk across this really pretty bridge (see below) and then while Tim was interviewing me and the girls went swimming at the hotel and did some shopping at the awesome Jordan Creek Mall. Millie LOVED their play area and we've discovered she is pretty fearless when it comes to climbing and sliding down slides! We grabbed some Chick-fil-a, a slice of cheesecake to go from the Cheesecake Factory and then headed to the Botanical Gardens (who knew the Science Museum was closed on Mondays, boo). 

Kate's nest...she loves staying at hotels!
On the way to the gardens (which were only 20 minutes away) both girls fell asleep I hung out in the car while the girlies slept for an additional 35 minutes. We finally made it inside...truthfully I was pretty disappointed. It is pretty small but fortunately the girls were free, I was only $5 and they had some fun art projects for Kate so it turned out to be a hit!

We then picked up Tim and decided to just find a local park and soak up the last nice 60+ degree weather day before the cold came!

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