Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Amelia- 13 months

This little one is no longer an infant...I still can't believe it! Millie is growing up so fast and is into everything!

Here are some highlights of Millie at 13 months old:
  • No steps yet! Millie loves cruising around the furniture but doesn't quite seem ready for walking. Although I think it will be soon. She recently began pushing her little walker toy around and is quite proud of herself. 
  • We love Millie's scoot! She is really good and crawling and crawls a lot but more often enjoys scooting on her bottom and pushing herself forward with one hand (so she can hold whatever toy she is interested in the other). It is a pretty cute sight to see her scooting along!
  • She's back to sleeping through the night! Thank goodness! Although daylight savings has been rough on us this time around. Millie is now waking up just before 6 am and has started talking really crumby 45 minutes but the past 2 days only slept for 20 minutes. Fortunately her afternoon one is at least an hour. I do not think she is ready to go down to just one nap...I think we are just in a funny phrase right now. 
  • Millie is a mama's girl!!! And has just been a bit more fussy the last few weeks. She did have a tiny cold and heck she hasn't been getting enough sleep so that would probably explain it. It can sure be hard but she is such a sweet girl so we'll make it :)
  • Her hair is really starting to grow and come in. She is definitely a brownie.
  • Nursing 2-3 times per day.
  • Loves to wave and is starting to say "bye."
  • Loves saying "mama" and "dada."
  • Adores her sister! Wants to be doing whatever Kate is. And even when Kate isn't the nicest...Millie things that Kate is playing and Millie can always be found laughing. 
  • LOVES balls! She loves playing catch and especially loves her prickly orange ball.
  • Discovered the toilet paper roll...and boy does she think it is awesome :) Also, likes to take stuff out of the trash can. Yikes!
  • Loves to transfer things from hand to hand and "share" aka hand you toys and then take them back.
  • You can seriously see the wheels turning in her head as she tries to figure out how things work!

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