Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Oh how I love Thanksgiving! I'm still getting used to not being with my mom in the kitchen but I'll admit I have some pretty cute helpers with me here! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of great food, good friends, and lots of family time! We love having Thanksgiving in our little home and have oh so much to be grateful for! 

Our cute Oreo turkeys

Our Thankful Tree...we looked forward to each day putting up a new leaf
Makes me so happy that she loves watching the Macy's Parade

And a cute baby picture just because...

Sunday, November 23, 2014

O Christmas Tree

Decorating the tree this year was especially magical! Kate adores our little tree. I got the tree up during her should have seen her eyes and mouth when she walked out and saw it! It was priceless. She could hardly wait to decorate it. Kate has an amazing helper and her her enthusiasm every time I unwrapped a new ornament was so fun.  She was very careful and very focused on getting each ornament in the right place! Millie also loves the tree...she loves pulling off the ornaments we put on the bottom just for her and shaking the bells!

Obsessed with the Nutcrackers

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Family Pictures- Fall 2014

Here's a little preview of our Fall family pictures! Since this could be our last fall in Iowa I knew  I wanted them taken in the corn fields! I am sure thankful for my sweet little family and will forever be thankful for our time in Iowa! Iowa will forever hold a very special place in our hearts! It is here where our family really grew!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kate Update- November 2014

Here a quick update on a few new things about Kate...
  • Adores going on Daddy daughter dates! 
  • Loves watching Octonauts and the newly discovered Paw Patrol (thank you gym Kids Club).
  • Loves to pick up Millie and is surprisingly good at it and gentle.
  • Has the longest Christmas List ever! And can be found sining "Santa Clause is Coming to Town."
  • Asks daily if we can go to one of her Grandma's houses, see her cousins, or go see Mistek (my parents cat).
  • Has developed a fear of airplanes...she is insistent that she does not want to fly to Utah for Christmas! Which is strange because she previously always loved flying. We'll see how our flight goes come December.
  • Favorite toys: Duplo Legos (this girl can build some pretty impressive castles), Daisy and Minnie Mouse Bowtique figures and accessories, and dress ups!
  • Favorite Books: Fancy Nancy, Octonauts, and Look and Find books
  • Is really starting to pick up recognizing numbers. We haven't really worked on them but with the little traveling we have been doing and asking Kate to push the elevator buttons I know she knows 1,2,3,4,6.
  • Wears size 7-7.5 shoes
  • Wearing mostly 3 T clothes now. 
  • Has the best imagination and plays on her own so well. 
  • Still has that crazy memory...she doesn't forget a thing!!!

Des Moines, IA

We took another opportunity to tag along with Tim to Des Moines this weekend! The hotel they put us up in was super nice and had some really good food. 

Des Moines is only a two hour drive from Iowa City. We've spent a little time there...aka I did make a few Costco runs there before our lovely one opened here. But we really hadn't had much opportunity to really see what the city had to offer. We enjoyed checking out some fun along the river playing on their giant fishing pole swing set, walk across this really pretty bridge (see below) and then while Tim was interviewing me and the girls went swimming at the hotel and did some shopping at the awesome Jordan Creek Mall. Millie LOVED their play area and we've discovered she is pretty fearless when it comes to climbing and sliding down slides! We grabbed some Chick-fil-a, a slice of cheesecake to go from the Cheesecake Factory and then headed to the Botanical Gardens (who knew the Science Museum was closed on Mondays, boo). 

Kate's nest...she loves staying at hotels!
On the way to the gardens (which were only 20 minutes away) both girls fell asleep I hung out in the car while the girlies slept for an additional 35 minutes. We finally made it inside...truthfully I was pretty disappointed. It is pretty small but fortunately the girls were free, I was only $5 and they had some fun art projects for Kate so it turned out to be a hit!

We then picked up Tim and decided to just find a local park and soak up the last nice 60+ degree weather day before the cold came!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Madison, WI

Residency interview season is here! It is pretty crazy to believe that come May Tim is really going to be a doctor and that he is interviewing for his next/actual "job" aka residency. What an exciting time!

For those of you that don't know Tim is going into pediatrics! That has always the plan...although some specialities did tempt him...but peds stuck. Peds is 3 years and then Tim plans to do a 3 year fellowship most likely in neonatology although our 4 weeks in Utah got him really excited about genetics. Yes...Kate will be 10 by the time Tim is a full-blown attending doctor done with training!  

Anyway, Tim has been very busy traveling here and there for interviews...flying across the country and driving around the midwest. We feel so blessed to have been invited to interview at so many places. Often he's had interviews like M,W,F so he's had to be gone a lot so we decided when we could that we'd tag along. The residency programs put Tim up in a new hotel and take pretty good care of him with nice meals the night before as well as the day of. One place even picked him up in a suburban limo. So took advantage of the free lodging and decided to head to Wisconsin with him and check it out.

The girls and I went to the zoo, stopped by and snagged some of our favorite Trader Joe goods, got lunch out and explored their awesome children's museum while Tim was busy interviewing. Madison is a really cool town...a big college town like Iowa City...but with beautiful lakes surrounding it and because it's a bigger city has some of those things IC doesn't have like a zoo. 

We are just trying to enjoy this exciting time...I don't want to begin to think about the long wait between when Tim finishes his interviews (Christmas break) and when we will actually find out where he matches (March 20th). I am sure it will seem like forever but we will do our best to savor this last half a year of school and go from there I guess! 

Checking out the giraffes at Henry Vilas Zoo

Gotta love those mini shopping carts at TJ

Kate LOVED these magnetic shapes. She played with them for at least 30 minutes.

On top of the children's museum

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Amelia- 13 months

This little one is no longer an infant...I still can't believe it! Millie is growing up so fast and is into everything!

Here are some highlights of Millie at 13 months old:
  • No steps yet! Millie loves cruising around the furniture but doesn't quite seem ready for walking. Although I think it will be soon. She recently began pushing her little walker toy around and is quite proud of herself. 
  • We love Millie's scoot! She is really good and crawling and crawls a lot but more often enjoys scooting on her bottom and pushing herself forward with one hand (so she can hold whatever toy she is interested in the other). It is a pretty cute sight to see her scooting along!
  • She's back to sleeping through the night! Thank goodness! Although daylight savings has been rough on us this time around. Millie is now waking up just before 6 am and has started talking really crumby 45 minutes but the past 2 days only slept for 20 minutes. Fortunately her afternoon one is at least an hour. I do not think she is ready to go down to just one nap...I think we are just in a funny phrase right now. 
  • Millie is a mama's girl!!! And has just been a bit more fussy the last few weeks. She did have a tiny cold and heck she hasn't been getting enough sleep so that would probably explain it. It can sure be hard but she is such a sweet girl so we'll make it :)
  • Her hair is really starting to grow and come in. She is definitely a brownie.
  • Nursing 2-3 times per day.
  • Loves to wave and is starting to say "bye."
  • Loves saying "mama" and "dada."
  • Adores her sister! Wants to be doing whatever Kate is. And even when Kate isn't the nicest...Millie things that Kate is playing and Millie can always be found laughing. 
  • LOVES balls! She loves playing catch and especially loves her prickly orange ball.
  • Discovered the toilet paper roll...and boy does she think it is awesome :) Also, likes to take stuff out of the trash can. Yikes!
  • Loves to transfer things from hand to hand and "share" aka hand you toys and then take them back.
  • You can seriously see the wheels turning in her head as she tries to figure out how things work!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween! Boy did we have an full day of fun...with lots of friends, delicious appetizers, and obviously lots of trick-or treat fun! 

Celebrating holidays with little ones is just so magical! Kate was pretty excited about Halloween last year but man it was just that much more fun this year. Kate decided very early that she wanted to be "Ariel Mermaid." However, she loved talking about many many other possibilities but always came back to Ariel...thank goodness. We decided that it would only be fitting to have Millie be Ariel's best friend, Flounder! I had so much fun making their costumes and was thrilled that Kate loved her so much. She will be wearing it for months to come I am sure. 

We've had amazing weather in Iowa since our return but just as luck would have it a major cold front came in for Halloween leaving us to Trick or Treat in 39 degrees...brrrr... fortunately Kate didn't seem to mind putting her coat over her shells...good think her coat was purple :) We didn't stay out too long but with our about hour of trick-or-treating along with the annual med school Halloween parade and trick-or-treat Kate got quite the haul. And unlike last year, Kate actually wants to eat her candy, not just sort it. 

Kate's already got big plans for next Halloween...time will only tell what she will really be come next year!

Trick or Treating at the med school...Kate was thrilled to have other princesses to be with!
Our friend Ryan's Halloween Party