Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Back in the Saddle

We had an incredible month out in Utah! And got to do a lot! With visiting old friends, spending time with family and visiting some of our Utah favorite places we certainly lived it up! 

Our highlights definitely were lots of family time, Fall in Utah, and Tim hopefully making valuable connections at Primary Children's! I just adore watching Kate and Millie interact with her grandparents and cousins! Every day Kate would wake up and ask, "are my cousins coming over? Can I go to their house?" Cousins are so special and it was nice to get to see them so much. Hopefully we will be headed that direction come June...

Although it was also so nice to get back to our little house here in Iowa! It was pretty dang cute to hear Kate as we got closer to Iowa City start reciting all of her toys that she was anxious to play with. I took the above pictures right as we got out of the car after our 17 hour drive! We are happy to be home and getting back into the swing of things...but we'll be back in Utah for Christmas...don't worry!

Here are a few favorite pics from Utah...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Fun Just Keeps On Coming...

...it really does! We have really been living up our month here in Utah! Tim's schedule has been pretty intense. I've been happy to have my family near during it all...but fortunately with a few days off and many post-call days Tim's been able to enjoy the beautiful Utah Fall and spend some time with us.

Here's what we've been up to...Autumn in Utah, going out to lunch at my favorite Salt Lake restaurants, lots of mountain time...in Midway, Park City, Millcreek and Big Cottonwood Canyons, meeting friends at the park, catching up with old friends, Red Butte Garden, Pumpkin/Fall fun at Cornbelly's and Gardner Village, lots of time with family, COUSINS, a few extra date nights, Museum of Natural Curiosity, running errands with my mom, a little shopping, Bahr girl night in Park City, Midway getaway with my parents, going to the temple, making the girls' Halloween costumes, and Mille's birthday celebrations!

I can't quite believe we only have a week left...my how time flies...but don't worry there is still plenty of fun to be had...and we'll be sure to live it up!

These pictures on from our trip up to Midway with my parents! Oh Midway we love you!

Top of the Crater

Monday, October 13, 2014

October Kate Update

Let's see where do I begin...this girl is always changing and is SO MUCH FUN!
  •  We are loving our time in Utah! Kate ADORES her cousins! She is always asking if they are coming over or if we can babysit them. Kate loves having boy cousins to be here princes!
  • Discovered her new favorite TV show Octonauts on Disney Jr.
  • Favorite song is hands down Philip Philips "Home." It's on repeat constantly in the car. She calls it "the Ew-ew-ew song." Also loves Andy Grammer's "I Choose You."
  • Favorite Primary songs "I Love to See the Temple, "Baptism," and "How Could the Father Tell the World."
  • Favorite toys this month...DRESS UPS, Klip Klop horses (that she gave Millie as a birthday gift), making play dough dresses for her Magic Clip dolls, and Grandma's old school Little People Castle.
  • Expert make-believer! I love this stage! Walked in the other day to my parent's play room to find all of her dolls sitting on the booster chairs getting haircuts from Kate. It was adorable.
  • Can now also write the letter C
  • Still takes a nap most days. And if no nap is a champ at doing "quiet time." And still almost always falls asleep if she initially choose quiet time. 
  • Sleeps from 8pm to 6:30-6:45 usually. Although often does wake up around 6:15 but stays in her room until her OK to Wake clocks says it's okay to come out of her room at 6:30 :)
  • Favorite foods: plain pasta, yogurt, any fruit, broccoli, corn, Mexican rice (but only homemade), tortillas, string cheese. Definitely in a picky eater phase right now...just riding it out and hoping it will end sooner than later. Kate was always such a great eater...but lately not so much. Fortunately loves her fruits and vegetables so I don't really worry about her. Millie almost always out eats Kate.
  • She's our dancer and singer! Is always busting a move and singing. I love listening to her sing and chat away when she is by herself. 
  • Loves giving compliments. Sure makes me feel good! Loves saying "that is sooo cute!" Today when I finished her mermaid tail for her Halloween costume...I received a standing ovation followed by "you're the best maker Mom!"She is SO excited to me "Ariel Mermaid" for Halloween!
  • Best story teller too! 
  • Total chatter box...she will talk your ear off if you let her!
  • Soooo opinionated! 
  • Have certainly had our fair share of major meltdowns in the last few weeks...but fortunately most of the time really is a darling, hilarious, and sweet girl.
  • Isn't always too excited to share with her little sister...but most of the time is an awesome big sister. She is especially good and helping keep Millie safe...whether that's telling her she can't go up the stairs, telling her she can't eat Mistek's cat food, or not letting Millie put small pieces of anything in her mouth :)
  • Kate has a crazy memory! I am just continually surprised all the details and things she remembers!
I think that's the highlights...Although at times I do not know what to do with her...she is my sweet Kater-Skater that I can't imagine any other way! 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Amelia- 1 YEAR!!!

I can't quite believe that my sweet little baby girl is really 1 year old! One year ago we became a family of 4... I became a mother of 2! I totally missed General Conference last October :)
Just like my labor, this year has gone by SO quickly! We have had an amazing year! I cannot adequately express how fortunate we feel to have been blessed to have our sweet Amelia join our family! She is the biggest joy and blessing! Millie is the sweetest spirit. She has an amazing calming influence and her smiles and bright eyes light up our lives.

We were so fortunate to be in Utah to celebrate her big day! We've been celebrating all week with lots of family time, cousins, multiple parties, and cakes! Turning 1 is a big deal after all, right? 

Here's the latest with our favorite 1 year old:
  • Is growing and learning more every single day!
  • Has the most expressive eyebrows and gorgeous greyish eyes
  • Still loves to put her finger up to her lips and go "bahbahbah"
  • Has 8 teeth
  • Has had some trouble sleeping through the night this last month...oh my! Some of it was teething, maybe adjusting to Utah, and I do not know why else!
  • Still napping twice a day...usually her naps are 1-1/2 hours but they've been a bit shorter lately.
  • Is totally adored by her cousins especially her girl cousins that want to hold her and take care of her!
  • LOVES peek a boo!!! And loves clapping her hands!
  • Enjoys crusing around furniture...she's been able to pull herself up for a long time...finally just before we headed Weest started cruising on 9/16/14.
  • Crazy fast crawler...defnitely can and does crawl on all fours but also has this silly almost monkey/ape like crawl where she scoots and uses only one hand to move so she can keep a toy in the other hand.
  • LOVES to eat! Will eat anything and everything.We endearingly call her our little carnivore! But she also loves everything else too! She seriously eats more than Kate most of the time.
  • Nurses 4 times per day...but she's decided that is changing this week and all of sudden isn't too interested in nursing during the day.  Breaks my heart! Fortunately though I think the morning and before bed feeding will be sticking around for a long time...I hope.
  • Continues to be the happiest and smilest girl around!
  • Millie is into everything and wants nothing more than to play with whatever Kate is playing
  • Really finding her voice...she's always talked but is much louder and is just jabbering more and more!
  • Her stranger anxiety is greatly improving. Peaked at 10 months. Seems to be tappering off...is definitely a mama's girl. If I'm around she wants to be with me.
  • Loves balls, blocks, little princess figures, measuring cups, weebbles, play food, and MOSTLY whatever Kate is playing with!
At her 1 year appointment (on 10/28/14)...she's are tiny little princess!
  • Weights 18.1 pounds (19th%itle)
  • 27 inches long (0.7th%ile)
Millie is just a complete joy! We just can't get enough of her! We seriously are so blessed to have her be apart of our family. She is a true blessing! 
1st cake
2nd cake- Actual birthday