Friday, September 5, 2014

Labor Day 2014

We had a fabulous "last weekend of summer!" Tim had the whole weekend off so we made plans to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and just play. We headed up to one of our favorite spots, Lake MacBride, where we rented a paddle boat and enjoyed a glorious day at the beach! Sad that this was the only time we made it up there this summer... anyway... This was Millie's second paddle boat ride and she enjoyed it much more this time. She was happy the whole time but wasn't in love with her big life jacket. Kate loves walking around and helping steer while we paddle along...although she doesn't quite get why she and Millie have to wear life jackets and we don't. Tim was a good sport and put on his for a bit. 

Kate was in heaven playing in the sand, building castles, and splashing in the water. I think she could have stayed there all day! Really! This was Millie's first beach/sand adventure...and she loved it too...especially the eating sand part. Yikes! We finished the day off with a BBQ with some of our closest friends, Tim's classmate and fiance, and trip out to froyo. What a great day! 

I have an almost identical picture of Kate wearing the same life jacket...unfortunately we just took a bunch of pictures off our computer and put them on our external hard drive :(


  1. So fun! We have never taken Tatum paddle boating but I bet she would love it!

  2. Oh those girls are just the cutest! How fun!!!

  3. Your little girls come by liking paddle boating naturally! Glad you all had so much fun at the lake on Labor Day.