Monday, September 8, 2014

Amelia- 11 months

I am really in disbelief that my baby girl is going to be 1 next month! When did she get so big?! I am very excited that we will be in Utah to celebrate Millie's big 1 year birthday (because Tim is doing an away rotation at Primary Children's Hospital)!

Here's the update...
  • Biggest change...She's been trying for awhile now but finally figured out how to pull herself up to standing (9/4/14). She pulling herself up on everything now! And now needs to figure out how to get back down when she pulls herself up in her crib. Ahh!
  • Loves to stick her tongue out ever so slightly and move it back and forth over her top lip making the cutest sound!
  • Has 8 teeth now. Number 8 finally peeked through 9/7/14...this tooth  (I think) has been the cause of some difficult nights and no so good naps :(
  • Adores playing peek-a-boo!!! She loves laying on her changing table and using her own shirt or dress to play. 
  • Is a mama's girl!
  • Nick names include Amelia Bedila, Millie Moo, Grabby, Scoochy, Sister
  • Sleeps from 7pm-6:30am
  • LOVES to eat! This girl will eat anything! Especially loves savory foods, meat and beans, peaches, green beans and eating whole Ritz crackers! Still nursing 5 times per day too.
  • Is busy!!! She is everywhere and into everything! She crawls super fast and just wants to be apart of everything (much to Kate's dismay sometimes). 
  • Loves to play with whatever Kate is playing with! But loves her play telephone, orange poky ball, little kitchen, play piano, fridge magnets and doctor tools.
  • Newly discovered a love of pulling sister's pigtails. Millie is such a stinker...she grabs Kate's hair and just laughs. Oh boy!
  • Her personality is becoming more and more evident. She is still the sweetest girl. But is certainly curious and into everything and isn't afraid to try something new or push the limits. I think she is learning in order to keep up with her crazy big sisters she needs to assert herself!


  1. Millie is adorable! It's hard to believe she is eleven months already. It will be so fun to see all of you soon. It wouldn't surprise me if she learns to walk while you are here!