Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Tiny Taste of Fall in Iowa

We were very fortunate to have a very mild summer. Usually by the time Fall rolls around I am so thankful for a break in the heat! But this year has been different. It's been nice all summer and continues to be. I love the Fall! And I love Fall here in Iowa. October here is beautiful...the weather is delightful, the leaves are gorgeous, I love the corn all dried out, and just love the sights, sounds, and smells the come with autumn. You may have heard that Tim got an away rotation at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. So we are packing up and ready to head to Utah for the next 4 weeks! Fortunately we got to experience I tiny bit of an Iowa Fall before we left including harvesting our 10 pumpkins from our garden and taking a few pics of my girls with the corn!

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Apple pickin' season is here! We've been spending some decent time at Wilson's Orchard chomping on apples, playing with friends, and enjoying some delicious apple turnovers (but Kate is terrified of taking the tractor ride)! We sure love Wilson's and are so happy we got to spend some good time here before our Fall Adventure to Utah!

Kate, Josh, Ryan, and Auralia

While picking apples our first time Millie decided she didn't want to miss out on the fun and deliciousness...she grabbed the apple out of my hand and went to town! 

Primary friends Abby and Addy

Monday, September 15, 2014

These Days...

Here's what we've been up to these days...lots of walks, wagon rides, bike rides, meeting Dad at the hospital and playing at the park!

The hospital just got a great new playground. We have enjoyed several lunch dates meeting up with Tim to play (see above)! And Tim and Kate also built a tire swing! Kate totally LOVES it!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Kate Update- September 2014

I am really excited to be posting monthly about Kate. Kate always says the cutest things and I am really loving this stage. Hard to believe Kater-Skater is almost 3-1/2. Here are a few updates from the past month.
  • Kate loves letters and is starting to write them. She can only write H-O and T but is loving the new little dry erase letter tracing workbook I got her. She loves spelling her first name and sometimes can spell her last name too!
  • PRINCESSES...yep still obsessed...and since we've been talking about Halloween costumes one of her favorite new activities is to get onto Pinterest and see all the different Princess dresses. I am really excited for this Christmas...Kate already has a very lengthly list of Magic Clip princesses, dress ups and castles. 
  • Newly discovered My Little Pony...oh my... I don't know if I really like the new show...but she found a DVD at the library and now is always singing the opening song. 
  • Favorite Kate phrases, "I think I'm not sure about this" and "I feel like...." as well as "He has fur" pointing to a man with facial hair.
  • She loves picking out her own clothes as well as helping pick clothes for Millie, Dad, and myself.
  • Newly discovered American Girl dolls. We get the magazine in the mail and one day she started looking through it. We cut out some pictures of the dolls and she's been carrying them around ever sense and loves asking me what each of their names are. I can't wait till she is big enough to share my dolls with her. 
  • Started her second "semester" of joy school. A few friends and I take turns teaching once a week for a few hours. Kate loves going to preschool and loves her friends! 
  • I feel like over the last month even...Kate has just grown up a lot. Whether it's helping me with Millie, listening a little bit better, or watching her interact with her friends. I can't believe how she just goes off with her little friends and how well they play together. It is kind of a strange feeling that she doesn't need/want me right there while she plays. She is growing up!!!
  • Loves "reading" to me. She is really good a describing the pictures and she knows a lot of the phrases from the books we read frequently. 
  • Likes to "speak" Spanish...she changes her tone and makes her words choppy and calls it Spanish. It's pretty hilarious. Thank you Dora?! Kate particularly likes to say prayers in Spanish. 
  • Tim and Kate decided to make a tire swing this past week. Kate LOVES it. She helped Dad go get the supplies and helped grab the washers and screws. It is a fun no addition to our swing set out back. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Amelia- 11 months

I am really in disbelief that my baby girl is going to be 1 next month! When did she get so big?! I am very excited that we will be in Utah to celebrate Millie's big 1 year birthday (because Tim is doing an away rotation at Primary Children's Hospital)!

Here's the update...
  • Biggest change...She's been trying for awhile now but finally figured out how to pull herself up to standing (9/4/14). She pulling herself up on everything now! And now needs to figure out how to get back down when she pulls herself up in her crib. Ahh!
  • Loves to stick her tongue out ever so slightly and move it back and forth over her top lip making the cutest sound!
  • Has 8 teeth now. Number 8 finally peeked through 9/7/14...this tooth  (I think) has been the cause of some difficult nights and no so good naps :(
  • Adores playing peek-a-boo!!! She loves laying on her changing table and using her own shirt or dress to play. 
  • Is a mama's girl!
  • Nick names include Amelia Bedila, Millie Moo, Grabby, Scoochy, Sister
  • Sleeps from 7pm-6:30am
  • LOVES to eat! This girl will eat anything! Especially loves savory foods, meat and beans, peaches, green beans and eating whole Ritz crackers! Still nursing 5 times per day too.
  • Is busy!!! She is everywhere and into everything! She crawls super fast and just wants to be apart of everything (much to Kate's dismay sometimes). 
  • Loves to play with whatever Kate is playing with! But loves her play telephone, orange poky ball, little kitchen, play piano, fridge magnets and doctor tools.
  • Newly discovered a love of pulling sister's pigtails. Millie is such a stinker...she grabs Kate's hair and just laughs. Oh boy!
  • Her personality is becoming more and more evident. She is still the sweetest girl. But is certainly curious and into everything and isn't afraid to try something new or push the limits. I think she is learning in order to keep up with her crazy big sisters she needs to assert herself!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Labor Day 2014

We had a fabulous "last weekend of summer!" Tim had the whole weekend off so we made plans to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and just play. We headed up to one of our favorite spots, Lake MacBride, where we rented a paddle boat and enjoyed a glorious day at the beach! Sad that this was the only time we made it up there this summer... anyway... This was Millie's second paddle boat ride and she enjoyed it much more this time. She was happy the whole time but wasn't in love with her big life jacket. Kate loves walking around and helping steer while we paddle along...although she doesn't quite get why she and Millie have to wear life jackets and we don't. Tim was a good sport and put on his for a bit. 

Kate was in heaven playing in the sand, building castles, and splashing in the water. I think she could have stayed there all day! Really! This was Millie's first beach/sand adventure...and she loved it too...especially the eating sand part. Yikes! We finished the day off with a BBQ with some of our closest friends, Tim's classmate and fiance, and trip out to froyo. What a great day! 

I have an almost identical picture of Kate wearing the same life jacket...unfortunately we just took a bunch of pictures off our computer and put them on our external hard drive :(