Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Kate Update- August 2014

The other day I was just thinking about how I really wish I was better at documenting the fun, silly, and darling things Kate says and does. I always did monthly updates on Kate (and Millie) up until about 18 months or so but then stopped. Why?  I do not know. So I've decided to use the good ol' blog and give a "Kate Update" each month. Enjoy!

  • Obsessed with princesses! Dolls, Frozen, figurines, music, everything!
  • I think we've reached an all time high. She is newly obsessed with the little Disney Magic Clip dolls. We take the 6 or so that we have EVERYWHERE.WE.GO! She is always playing with them and changing their dresses and asks every single day if we can go buy "just one more!" She loves watching the youtube toy videos about them and no matter if we are playing with blocks, legos, or anything for that matter the dolls are involved (like building a tower for them). I actually totally love it and am afraid that I can't help but want to buy more of them. But I am trying my best to not give in to the temptation. 
  • Kate adores dress ups! This is the other thing she is especially into these days! Costco recently got their Halloween costumes including a huge rack of princesses dresses. Kate just died when she saw them and once again didn't stop talking about them. I told her we would think about buying one but that we needed to save our money. The next day I found her looking in the car and after finding a few pennies in my middle console she handed them to me and sweetly asked if we could go get a princess dress. How could I not? So after holding off for almost 2 weeks I did give in and we got a beautiful Ariel dress. Kate probably at least 6 hours a day dressed in one of her three princesses dresses. She loves taking them off and putting a new one on. She had Ariel, Aurora, and Sophia the First! She also still loves being a doctor/Doc McStuffins!
  • Kate is really into giving compliments. Like "I love your shirt mom," or "dad you look so beautiful in that green shirt" or "this is so awesome, thanks mom" or "you look so cute." It makes me feel pretty good!
  • She is really into doing everything by herself! And really can do almost everything alone. 
  • My favorite Kate phrases right now other than the compliments are "I did it all by my own!"  "That's fannnn-tastic!" and when I'll suggest going to the Children's Museum or the park Kate will reply "That's a great idea Mom!"
  • Loves the Backyardigans! The theme song is her go to song to sing at the top of her lungs while swinging in the backyard.
  • Loves watching shows. Way too much! She is always asking to watch guess my not letting her watch anything for the first 2 years is bitting me now. Current favorites: Frozen, The Backyardigans, Dora, and Magic Clip and PlayDough toy reviews on youtube. 
  • Favorite foods: pasta, pancakes, any fruit (except kiwis), broccoli, cottage cheese and jello! Kate LOVES making jello. And loves helping me make anything. 
  • Daily chores include making her bed (which she is really quite good at), putting her dirty clothes in the hamper, and picking tomatoes in the garden with Dad!
  • Favorite books right now are Fancy Nancy Books, the Pinkalicious books, and Disney Look and Find Books. She still also really likes her Princess and Disney Jr. Golden Books, Llama Llama books, Arthur. 
  • About a month ago because our ward is so unique Kate actually got asked to jump up into Sunbeams. I was quite hesitant and didn't want to rush her into growing up too fast but she has loved it and has done so well. She gave her first talk in sharing time about temples. It didn't go quite as I planned but was totally darling! She is a chatterbox and 
  • always has so much to say...not just in Primary. She can act quite shy but loves an audience and if you ask her questions she will let you know all about everything!
  • Spelled her name for the first time this week (8/11/14) of the perks of having such a short name, right?
  • Loves flowers and loves going out in the yard and picking flowers for me!
  • Still napping most days of the week. But if she doesn't nap she does a really great job at having quiet time! And if she does quiet time about 90% of the time she ends up falling asleep (in one of her princess dresses!)

I know that isn't everything...but I just wanted to document a few things. Although she often gives me a run for my money...she is such a sweet and smart little girl. We love her spunk and enthusiasm for life! 


  1. Aw! I miss little Kate! What a great update. I love the pics of her dressed up and napping -- that's the best!

  2. I have to say, I love all the girlishness that comes with this age. And it makes them pretty easy to shop for... {apparently.}. My girls are out growing it and it's mostly depressing.

  3. Kate is great! I love her passion for everything. So happy that you are coming soon, can't wait!