Monday, August 4, 2014

Nauvoo Pageant

We've always talked about going to see the Nauvoo pageant...But with the late start time and almost 2 hour drive...we've been hesitant to have such a late night. After living here for 3 years now and this quite possibly being our last summer in Iowa we decided we had to make it happen. So we finally made it...on the very last night...and we are so glad we did!

They had a bunch of pioneer games and activities for the kids before the pageant and it was a hit. Kate loved playing and collecting her beads at each station. And she really enjoyed the actual performance too. Each time she heard phrases she recognized like "baptism," "Book of Mormon," or "Joseph Smith" she'd get so excited. And her eyes just light up whenever she sees the temple! Millie did great too. She was happy as can be and went to sleep easily. The performance was so well done.  Driving back home that night was certainly tiring but everyone slept (except me of course) and it was definitely worth it. 

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  1. What a fun, awesome experience! That picture of Tim pulling Kate in the handcart is amazing! - Jess