Sunday, August 31, 2014

Herky Party

As I previously posted...we had a busy summer searching for Herky's! The city had 84 Herky statues planted all over the city and we made it our quest to find them all...and don't worry we totally did! Long ago :)

Kate was so into spotting Herky and more than one of us might have been too into it too! I was totally excited to hear that at the annual Fry Fest, to celebrate the beginning of football season, would have all 84 Herky's on display in one place! Kate was pretty disappointed when we drove past where she knew Herky's had been all summer (they had to take them down a few days before to get them all set up).  She is so dang observant. Luckilyy I was able pacify her and tell her that there was going to be a Herky Party!  She was so excited to tell everyone she saw that there was going to be "Herky Party." You should have seen her as we walked into the big room...she couldn't believe her eyes and didn't know where to look first. She was in heaven! She insisted on standing by each on and getting a picture! And we seriously did get one with probably 60 of them. It was really something to see them altogether! 

The Herky's are now going to be auctioned off for charity (started at $2000 each). Kate doesn't understand why they are no longer in their designated spots and doesn't want them "to be selled." Poor girl! She has really loved seeing them around town...hopefully some of them will be sold and put back in front of businesses etc so we can see them around town. And fortunately they also made some mini-sized one that we will probably have to snag. 

Thanks for the all the summer fun Herky! It's been real!

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  1. Herky hunting has been a fun family activity for all of you. Kate is so good at spotting Herky. You need one, at least a little one to remember all this fun!