Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bowling Begins

I've been wanting to take Kate bowling for awhile now...but for some reason it just hadn't happened. Tim's had a pretty intense schedule as of late so when we had a a whole Saturday afternoon and evening, not to mention, Sunday too we decided to introduce the girls to the joys of bowling!
It's pretty hard to believe but there is only one bowling alley in Iowa City! I just can't get over that...how on earth can a college town get away with that...well as you know Iowa is known as quite the party school...I guess that's how. Anyway...

Kate totally LOVED bowling! She caught on right away and after letting me carry the ball to the little stand thing they have for small children once she was ready to do it on her own. She loved the different colored balls (but didn't quite get that they were different weights). 

I'm pretty embarrassed to show the score board...Tim and I need some serious practice. Although hey at least I broke 100!! Although I have to confess...darling Kate after a few frames realized that Millie needed a turn too. So on one of my turns I took Millie up with me and had her help me push the ball down the little ramp thing...and she got a STRIKE!!! What can I say...she's a natural! I owe much of my score to my Millie girl :)

We had so much fun at Colonial Lanes! We will definitely be going again!

Important notes- I do need to mention that Kate did have bumpers pop out every time it was her turn...Tim and I did not. Oh and the second strike in the 8th frame was done by me


  1. So fun! I really wish we could have made it, Tatum loves to bowl and would have loved it even more with Kate! Next time?

  2. How awesome! We haven't gone bowling yet as a family - but now I really want to. How cute is Kate?!?!