Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Amelia- 10 months

Happy 10 months Millie girl! This gal is sure growing up. A lot has happened this month...

  • First...believe it or not but those cheeks really are starting to slim down. And it breaks our hearts!
  • She's crawling!!! For several weeks now she has been pushing herself backwards while on her tummy and pivoting 360 degrees around. But just this last week she started army crawling on Monday, then rocking while up on her knees, and by Friday 8/1/14 was full on crawling! She doesn't seem to be crazy about it yet. It seems like she only crawls when she is sad and trying to get to me :) I just can't quite believe it! Kate didn't crawl until just one month before she walked at 13 months. I'm not sure I'm ready for this!
  • Millie got two more teeth (top right side and bottom left side on 7/11/14) for a total of 7 teeth.
  • Claps hands (7/23/14).
  • First word...mama! At least I am pretty sure. She's been saying dadadadad, babababa, mamamama for awhile but she's finally give me a distinct "mama" on 7/23/14. Kate said "dada" first so I am a little happy that I'm the first word this time around :)
  • Millie loves to growl. It is so cute. 
  • Loves cruising around her roundabout! She doesn't seem to tire of running in circles. It is so fun! 
  • LOVES table food!!! She goes crazy for everything! She loves fruit and veggies but seems to love savory foods most. She loves cheese, beans, little bites of meat. Enjoys yogurt and loves sucking applesauce from pouches like her sister. Still nursing 5 times per day.
  • Loves paper and grass. No matter where we are she seems to find some to put in her mouth. We have a stack of old Friend Magazines close to her roundabout that she sits in and she loves to pull them off the shelf, pull them apart and try to eat them.
  • Still a great sleeper. Sleeps from 7pm to 6:45am and takes 2 naps.
  • Starting to show interest in wanting to pull herself up on things but hasn't really figured it out yet. She likes to have me put her against the couch or ottoman but definitely can't do it on her own. 
  • Favorite toys: Fisher Price Farm, her orange ball, her roundabout and all the activities on it, books, mega blocks, our mini piano, and anything that Kate is playing with. Kate is newly obsessed with these Disney Magic Clip dolls...and Millie wants to play too (and Kate isn't so sure about it). I feel like sharing just got a whole lot harder. 
  • This girl loves the water. She has really enjoyed our recent pool adventures and especially loves the splash pad fountains. She also adores bath time and loves sitting up and splashing in the tub.

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  1. Wow, that is great Millie is crawling! Thanks for all the information on what Millie is doing, Hay. She is such a darling little girl! It will be so fun to see all of you in September.