Sunday, August 31, 2014

Herky Party

As I previously posted...we had a busy summer searching for Herky's! The city had 84 Herky statues planted all over the city and we made it our quest to find them all...and don't worry we totally did! Long ago :)

Kate was so into spotting Herky and more than one of us might have been too into it too! I was totally excited to hear that at the annual Fry Fest, to celebrate the beginning of football season, would have all 84 Herky's on display in one place! Kate was pretty disappointed when we drove past where she knew Herky's had been all summer (they had to take them down a few days before to get them all set up).  She is so dang observant. Luckilyy I was able pacify her and tell her that there was going to be a Herky Party!  She was so excited to tell everyone she saw that there was going to be "Herky Party." You should have seen her as we walked into the big room...she couldn't believe her eyes and didn't know where to look first. She was in heaven! She insisted on standing by each on and getting a picture! And we seriously did get one with probably 60 of them. It was really something to see them altogether! 

The Herky's are now going to be auctioned off for charity (started at $2000 each). Kate doesn't understand why they are no longer in their designated spots and doesn't want them "to be selled." Poor girl! She has really loved seeing them around town...hopefully some of them will be sold and put back in front of businesses etc so we can see them around town. And fortunately they also made some mini-sized one that we will probably have to snag. 

Thanks for the all the summer fun Herky! It's been real!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Kate's First "Sleep Over"

For the longest time Kate has been asking to have a sleep over! I guess reading Amelia Bedila Sleeps Over and Arthur's First Sleep Over made quite the impact. She would almost daily ask if she could have a sleep over with this friend or that friend. Rather than have an actual sleep over we decided to invite a few friends over! I asked Kate what she wanted to do...she came up with the agenda of events... watch Frozen in jammies, eat popcorn, have pizza, and paint nails! What could be better! It was a total hit and Kate was in heaven! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Kate Update- August 2014

The other day I was just thinking about how I really wish I was better at documenting the fun, silly, and darling things Kate says and does. I always did monthly updates on Kate (and Millie) up until about 18 months or so but then stopped. Why?  I do not know. So I've decided to use the good ol' blog and give a "Kate Update" each month. Enjoy!

  • Obsessed with princesses! Dolls, Frozen, figurines, music, everything!
  • I think we've reached an all time high. She is newly obsessed with the little Disney Magic Clip dolls. We take the 6 or so that we have EVERYWHERE.WE.GO! She is always playing with them and changing their dresses and asks every single day if we can go buy "just one more!" She loves watching the youtube toy videos about them and no matter if we are playing with blocks, legos, or anything for that matter the dolls are involved (like building a tower for them). I actually totally love it and am afraid that I can't help but want to buy more of them. But I am trying my best to not give in to the temptation. 
  • Kate adores dress ups! This is the other thing she is especially into these days! Costco recently got their Halloween costumes including a huge rack of princesses dresses. Kate just died when she saw them and once again didn't stop talking about them. I told her we would think about buying one but that we needed to save our money. The next day I found her looking in the car and after finding a few pennies in my middle console she handed them to me and sweetly asked if we could go get a princess dress. How could I not? So after holding off for almost 2 weeks I did give in and we got a beautiful Ariel dress. Kate probably at least 6 hours a day dressed in one of her three princesses dresses. She loves taking them off and putting a new one on. She had Ariel, Aurora, and Sophia the First! She also still loves being a doctor/Doc McStuffins!
  • Kate is really into giving compliments. Like "I love your shirt mom," or "dad you look so beautiful in that green shirt" or "this is so awesome, thanks mom" or "you look so cute." It makes me feel pretty good!
  • She is really into doing everything by herself! And really can do almost everything alone. 
  • My favorite Kate phrases right now other than the compliments are "I did it all by my own!"  "That's fannnn-tastic!" and when I'll suggest going to the Children's Museum or the park Kate will reply "That's a great idea Mom!"
  • Loves the Backyardigans! The theme song is her go to song to sing at the top of her lungs while swinging in the backyard.
  • Loves watching shows. Way too much! She is always asking to watch guess my not letting her watch anything for the first 2 years is bitting me now. Current favorites: Frozen, The Backyardigans, Dora, and Magic Clip and PlayDough toy reviews on youtube. 
  • Favorite foods: pasta, pancakes, any fruit (except kiwis), broccoli, cottage cheese and jello! Kate LOVES making jello. And loves helping me make anything. 
  • Daily chores include making her bed (which she is really quite good at), putting her dirty clothes in the hamper, and picking tomatoes in the garden with Dad!
  • Favorite books right now are Fancy Nancy Books, the Pinkalicious books, and Disney Look and Find Books. She still also really likes her Princess and Disney Jr. Golden Books, Llama Llama books, Arthur. 
  • About a month ago because our ward is so unique Kate actually got asked to jump up into Sunbeams. I was quite hesitant and didn't want to rush her into growing up too fast but she has loved it and has done so well. She gave her first talk in sharing time about temples. It didn't go quite as I planned but was totally darling! She is a chatterbox and 
  • always has so much to say...not just in Primary. She can act quite shy but loves an audience and if you ask her questions she will let you know all about everything!
  • Spelled her name for the first time this week (8/11/14) of the perks of having such a short name, right?
  • Loves flowers and loves going out in the yard and picking flowers for me!
  • Still napping most days of the week. But if she doesn't nap she does a really great job at having quiet time! And if she does quiet time about 90% of the time she ends up falling asleep (in one of her princess dresses!)

I know that isn't everything...but I just wanted to document a few things. Although she often gives me a run for my money...she is such a sweet and smart little girl. We love her spunk and enthusiasm for life! 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bowling Begins

I've been wanting to take Kate bowling for awhile now...but for some reason it just hadn't happened. Tim's had a pretty intense schedule as of late so when we had a a whole Saturday afternoon and evening, not to mention, Sunday too we decided to introduce the girls to the joys of bowling!
It's pretty hard to believe but there is only one bowling alley in Iowa City! I just can't get over on earth can a college town get away with that...well as you know Iowa is known as quite the party school...I guess that's how. Anyway...

Kate totally LOVED bowling! She caught on right away and after letting me carry the ball to the little stand thing they have for small children once she was ready to do it on her own. She loved the different colored balls (but didn't quite get that they were different weights). 

I'm pretty embarrassed to show the score board...Tim and I need some serious practice. Although hey at least I broke 100!! Although I have to confess...darling Kate after a few frames realized that Millie needed a turn too. So on one of my turns I took Millie up with me and had her help me push the ball down the little ramp thing...and she got a STRIKE!!! What can I say...she's a natural! I owe much of my score to my Millie girl :)

We had so much fun at Colonial Lanes! We will definitely be going again!

Important notes- I do need to mention that Kate did have bumpers pop out every time it was her turn...Tim and I did not. Oh and the second strike in the 8th frame was done by me

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Amelia- 10 months

Happy 10 months Millie girl! This gal is sure growing up. A lot has happened this month...

  • First...believe it or not but those cheeks really are starting to slim down. And it breaks our hearts!
  • She's crawling!!! For several weeks now she has been pushing herself backwards while on her tummy and pivoting 360 degrees around. But just this last week she started army crawling on Monday, then rocking while up on her knees, and by Friday 8/1/14 was full on crawling! She doesn't seem to be crazy about it yet. It seems like she only crawls when she is sad and trying to get to me :) I just can't quite believe it! Kate didn't crawl until just one month before she walked at 13 months. I'm not sure I'm ready for this!
  • Millie got two more teeth (top right side and bottom left side on 7/11/14) for a total of 7 teeth.
  • Claps hands (7/23/14).
  • First word...mama! At least I am pretty sure. She's been saying dadadadad, babababa, mamamama for awhile but she's finally give me a distinct "mama" on 7/23/14. Kate said "dada" first so I am a little happy that I'm the first word this time around :)
  • Millie loves to growl. It is so cute. 
  • Loves cruising around her roundabout! She doesn't seem to tire of running in circles. It is so fun! 
  • LOVES table food!!! She goes crazy for everything! She loves fruit and veggies but seems to love savory foods most. She loves cheese, beans, little bites of meat. Enjoys yogurt and loves sucking applesauce from pouches like her sister. Still nursing 5 times per day.
  • Loves paper and grass. No matter where we are she seems to find some to put in her mouth. We have a stack of old Friend Magazines close to her roundabout that she sits in and she loves to pull them off the shelf, pull them apart and try to eat them.
  • Still a great sleeper. Sleeps from 7pm to 6:45am and takes 2 naps.
  • Starting to show interest in wanting to pull herself up on things but hasn't really figured it out yet. She likes to have me put her against the couch or ottoman but definitely can't do it on her own. 
  • Favorite toys: Fisher Price Farm, her orange ball, her roundabout and all the activities on it, books, mega blocks, our mini piano, and anything that Kate is playing with. Kate is newly obsessed with these Disney Magic Clip dolls...and Millie wants to play too (and Kate isn't so sure about it). I feel like sharing just got a whole lot harder. 
  • This girl loves the water. She has really enjoyed our recent pool adventures and especially loves the splash pad fountains. She also adores bath time and loves sitting up and splashing in the tub.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Nauvoo Pageant

We've always talked about going to see the Nauvoo pageant...But with the late start time and almost 2 hour drive...we've been hesitant to have such a late night. After living here for 3 years now and this quite possibly being our last summer in Iowa we decided we had to make it happen. So we finally made it...on the very last night...and we are so glad we did!

They had a bunch of pioneer games and activities for the kids before the pageant and it was a hit. Kate loved playing and collecting her beads at each station. And she really enjoyed the actual performance too. Each time she heard phrases she recognized like "baptism," "Book of Mormon," or "Joseph Smith" she'd get so excited. And her eyes just light up whenever she sees the temple! Millie did great too. She was happy as can be and went to sleep easily. The performance was so well done.  Driving back home that night was certainly tiring but everyone slept (except me of course) and it was definitely worth it.