Tuesday, July 22, 2014

5 Years

July 2009
It's pretty hard to believe that today is our 5 year wedding anniversary! Whoa, how did that happen?! We have certainly done a lot... moved to Colorado for grad school, we became parents and our spunky Kate joined the family, we moved to Iowa for med school, Amelia joined our family, and Tim is now less than one year away from becoming a doctor... a lot has changed...but in some ways a lot of things have stayed the same too!

Poor Tim has to take call tonight...what a happy way to celebrate right?! Here's to hoping that he gets off early enough today that we can go see him for a few minutes between shifts!

May 2014


  1. Five happy years is a real milestone. We hope you can celebrate your anniversary, sorry Tim had to take call at the hospital that night. Good thing you both are flexible and sweet. Believe it or not, the fun is just beginning. . . We love you.

  2. Happy Anniversary to two of our favorite people! We love you guys! :) Wish we could have babysat for you!

  3. You guys are so cute! And you look EXACTLY the same as you did 5 years ago. Apparently all that marriage and med school and those 2 cute girls are keeping you young. : )