Thursday, June 5, 2014

Amelia- 8 months

Oh how we adore our Millie girl! Each month she just gets more fun, more sweet, and more darling! Millie has become quite the jibber-jabber. She has so much to say! Lots of bababababa, dadadadadad, ahahahahahs. And of course lots of giggles. She has also become quite the grabber. Talking and grabbing are certainly the two biggest things that have developed over the last month. She grabs everything and sticks it in her mouth. She particularly loves to grab cheeks, hair, and Tim's glasses! Oh and books, especially ones with baby faces in them. 

Millie continues to adore Kate and as Millie gets just that much older they play even better. They have so much fun together. Kate has the cutest conversations with Millie...well Millie just smiles and giggles but you know. I just love it! I love watching Kate bring Millie toys or watching Kate comfort Millie when she is crying. Kate will often even share her blankie with Millie!!  

Millie just continues to be our total sweetheart! I am grateful everyday for her sweetness, smiles, easy going attitude, and how well she sleeps. We are so thankful for all the joy and light she brings to our family! 

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