Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kate's Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

After much discussion about the many possibilities for a potential theme for Kate's party we decided on a Minnie Mouse Party! Oh and let me not forget a "Minnie Mouse, Green Drink" party. After pulling out some Sprite for an upset tummy months ago Kate got hooked on wanting Sprite, endearingly called green drink at our house, as part of her party! So in addition to all of the pink, black, and polka dots we did serve mini Sprites with lunch! 

We invited eight of Kate's little friends + their mommies and many younger siblings to the occasion. We colored Minnie coloring sheets, frosted and decorated Minnie sugar cookies,  played Pin the Bow on Minnie, and enjoyed a hot dog lunch thanks to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song, "Hot Dog!" It was such a fun day, a little crazy, but SO fun to celebrate! Kate loved having many of her friends at our house to celebrate and her eyes lit up as we sang to her. Such a special day for our very special girl!

Enjoying her "green drink."

Millie was an angle girl and after enjoying the party for a bit went down for a lengthy nap so I could easily do all the activities. 


  1. This party is so cute! It looks like fun. We miss you guys.

  2. What a magical, fun birthday celebration for Kate. She will remember this special 3rd Birthday for a long, long time. Kate is a darling Minnie Mouse, and so is Millie!