Friday, May 16, 2014

Kate- 3 years

My-o-my...where to begin?! My baby, the girl who made me a mama is now 3 years old! What? Really how is that even possible?! It's pretty hard to believe...but it also seems like she's been with us forever. Silly girl...for some reason though, Kate would like to think she is four. Whenever someone asks her how old she is, she replies, "I'm not two...I'm four!" I guess this turning 3 thing will take some getting used to!

Happiest of birthdays to my fun-loving, independent, strong-willed, always singing, always dancing, memory of an elephant, spunky Kate! This girl often gives me a run for my money but at the end of the day she is such a sweetie bug and really is such a good girl!

A few fun things about Kate:
  •  Stats: Weighs 29.5 pounds and is 35 inches tall
  • Loves books...we can't leave the library with less than 20 books. We've even maxed out the number of books you can check out on multiple occasions. Current favorites include; the Llama Llama books, Roly Poly Pangolin, How do Dinosaur...series, any Arthur or DW books, Dora the Explorer series, The Boy Who Loves Math, and What Lincoln Said. One our most recent trip to Utah Kate also discovered Richard Scarry and is obsessed with reading What Do People Do All Day? I loved all the Busy Town/Richard Scarry books as a kid and have loved rediscovering the stories with Kate!
  • Kate loves to read...and I find her all of the time describing the pictures to Millie! It is SO cute!
  • Favorite shows; Richard Scarry's Busy Town, Dora, Bob the Builder, Arthur, Frozen, and Peppa Pig.
  • Kate has the best imagination! She loves to pretend and I am always so amused at what she says. She loves playing "Shop Keeper" and will lay out several of her toys and sell them to you. She is quite the salesman and likes to describe the items and tell you why you need to buy them. 
  • She loves money! Pretend or imaginary. My mom tried to give her some pennies to throw into a fountain while we were out at Temple Square and Kate just slipped them into her pocket. Same thing even happened when I tried to let her ride one of those quarter rides at the mall. 
  • Still loves to swing! She really could swing all day long if I would let her!
  • Other favorite thing to play is school. She loves being the teacher and wants me, Millie, and her stuffed animals to sit down in front of her while she talks to you. 
  • Has loved preschool! A few friends from the ward and I organized a once a week joy school of sorts every Tuesday from 9:30-11. Kate is constantly talking about wanting to go to preschool and after telling me everything she learned! I guess that's why she loves playing pretend school at home.
  • She is really growing up! She is listening better and is really so helpful. She loves to help me do just about anything whether it's cooking, helping with Millie, or picking up. 
  • Loves to help Tim in the garden! She loved putting the seeds in the ground and on our most recent trip to buy our tomato plants we let her pick one plant for herself...looks like we will be growing eggplant this year!
  • She is such a good friend to Millie! I just can't get over how much these sisters love each other. Kate is always running to get Millie a toy, singing her a song, or trying to make Millie happy if she is crying. Kate loves giving Millie her pacifier and loves making Millie laugh! Now that Millie sits up they can really "play" together.
  • Kate is getting really good at her letters and their sounds. She definitely knows A,B, C, D, H, K, L, M, O, P, Q, T, and X. And knows a lot more of the letters sounds. 
  • Has the craziest memory! She remembers everything and everything with great detail. For example, one time we checked out this book from the IC page had a tear on it. Kate loved this book so we actually ended up buying it months later. To this day whenever we read it she looks for the ripped page and talks about how the library one was ripped right there. She talks about things we did last year with great detail and never forgets if I told her we can do something later. We can't get anything past this one. 
  • Favorite phrase fill in the blank"  ____ is going to be so excited to see ______." She says this all the time. For example, Brady is going to be so excited to see my new hat. 
  • Sleeping and napping is sometimes tricky. Kate goes to bed between 8-8:30 and I make her stay in her room until 6:45am. She takes an afternoon naps about 75% of the time and if she doesn't usually does really well at having quite time. And about 90% of the time she chooses to have quite time I all of a sudden stop hearing talking and peek in to find her asleep on her bed. Or she will come out and tell me she actually wants to go to sleep :)
  • And last little obsessed with Herky Hunting (blog post to follow soon). The city has recently put up 83 large statues of the beloved University of Iowa mascot all around town. Kate wants to find them all and is always asking to go Herky Hunting. It's pretty dang cute how excited she is about it. We have found 56 so far!
We sure love our Kater-Skater and although sometimes many of her qualities make things difficult, we really do love her big personality and enthusiasm for life!

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  1. I love Kate and her passion. You wouldn't want her any other way. We are happy she is three, such a good sister to Millie, and big helper to you, Hay!