Monday, May 26, 2014

Herky on Parade

If you know anything about the University of Iowa you know that Iowa fans are pretty intense and love their Hawkeyes! This summer eighty-three uniquely fashioned statues of Herky - the beloved mascot - have been placed all over the city "on parade" for the public to view and enjoy. It's like a large community art project. 

We love to go Herky Hunting...meaning we drive around looking for Herky and get out and take a picture! We've made it our quest to find all 83!  Kate is totally obsessed! She wakes up in the morning and asks if we can go Herky hunting...she wakes up from her nap and asks if we can go...she actually has chosen on multiple occasions to go Herky Hunting over going to the park or going out for ice cream. She has excellent eyes and can spot Herky from a 100 miles away :) It's pretty dang cute! We started our quest two weeks ago and am proud to say we've already found 62!!!  Here is a small sampling of the ones we have found!

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