Thursday, April 17, 2014

Outside Lovin'

After a LONG winter we have been taken advantage of every minute possible to play in the yard, swing, play and picnic at the park, go for walks, and bike! It is glorious! 

Kate was made to be outside! It seems like every time we go least at the beginning of our nice weather stretch...she would just sprawl out on the grass...taking in the moment...or something. See below. 

Kate was also meant to swing. I think she'd sleep in a swing if we'd let her. Kate has insisted that Millie not miss out on the fun... and Millie seems to like it too!

We've enjoyed some bike rides too. But I'm hesitant to go too far with Millie...she's still a little small and floppy.

We are so thankful that Spring is here! The trees are now thinking about budding and our daffodils are going to sprout flowers soon! Looking forward to a lovely Easter weekend!

Our first family of four picnic- Northridge Park

Love how these two love each other!

We are going to miss the Lowe's...they are moving for residency

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