Sunday, April 6, 2014

Amelia- 6 months

Half a year!!! I can't believe it! I didn't catch a whole lot of General Conference last October...I guess I had a pretty good excuse :) I did catch a bit more this weekend! Happy 6 months to our Millie girl!

Millie continues to be our happy girl,  always smiling and laughing. Her extra sweet disposition and temperament continues and we just can't get enough of her! Millie had a very busy month... full of lots of firsts!

-Rolled over for the first time on March 28, 2014. From her back to stomach rolling to the right. She is no longer content just laying down and will continue to roll, play for a few minutes, then get frustrated and ask to be put back on her back...only to repeat...again and again!
-First veggies! Enjoys eating rice cereal and now sweet potatoes (3/31/14) and green beans (4/4/14)! 
-First carousel ride
-First time swimming
-Favorite toys this month...she loves chomping on her Sophie giraffe and my baby beads necklace. Still no teeth though.
-Continues to adore her big sister Kate and loves watching her every move!
-And Millie has decided she not interested in using her pacifier! She'd much rather just suck on her 2 fingers! Oh dear!

Weight- 13 lbs 15 oz (almost 10%ile)
Length- 24 inches (almost 5%ile)

We are sure enjoying this cutie bug! Time needs to slow down!

Here are my two girls both at 6 months... Millie on the left...Kate on the right

With a second girl it has sure been handy already having all the clothes. Even though their seasons are a bit opposite Millie's been able to use most of clothes that Kate wore. Add a sweater and tights and we have been set. But especially now at 6 months the clothes have really lined up! I love seeing Millie and then remembering when Kate wore a particular outfit.

More pictures of Millie...

First carousel ride
First veggie
Happy 6 month celebration with a Scratch Cupcake

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  1. It's fun to see Millie's six month birthday pictures. She's adorable! Can't wait for you to come so we can play! We love you.