Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tot Lot 2014

Whoa! Has it really been almost a month since I last posted pictures. Man, time flies! We've been busy trying to stay warm out in this arctic tundra! It has most definitely been our worst winter in Iowa and I am getting pretty sick of this cold cold weather. Highs of -6 degrees with -30 wind chill isn't very fun...But I haven't let it keep us from getting out of the house! 

Last winter we discovered our local rec center's Tot Lot. They open up the gym twice a week and fill it with Little Tykes cars, slides, balls, and bikes and charge $1 for hours of entertainment... literally! Kate is crazy about it and loves scampering about. Her favorite thing is the alligator teeter totter... One day she sat on it for 35 minutes...up and down...up and down...never stopping! 

Kate has particularly enjoyed getting Millie in on the action this year! Kate really is such a sweet big sister. She doesn't want Millie missing out on the fun and asks to put her in every car/toy...some work out better than others! 

We sure love Tot Lot and are thankful for such a fun place to play even though it's frigid outside!

Not at tot lot...but so cute. If you look you'll see drool dripping down...this little lady is teething big time!

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  1. We bought an alligator see saw at a garage sale for $2...$2! The four older kids can all fit on was arguably the best purchase of 2013. Babies are so patient....