Saturday, March 15, 2014

Swimming 2014

So every time we'd pass the building where we took our mom and tot swim class last winter, a year later, Kate would say "Swim class...that's where I took swimming with Oakey and Addy!" I really wanted to take another class this winter but wasn't so sure how we could do it with Millie. I thought about just bringing Millie and having her sit in her stroller like we've done a few times when we've gone swimming (I'd often plan to go swim when Millie needed to nap) but I didn't know with me needing to be an active participant and having class at a set time if that would work. 

Fortunately an awesome friend agreed to watch Millie so we were able to sign up for a 6 week class. We had a ball! It was fun to have some one-on-one time with Kate and I was really impressed how much she actually learned this year. Kate is a pro bubble blower and is an expert kicker! And does pretty awesome with her ice cream scoops! Although her favorite part of class was when she got to jump of the edge to me again and again!  Kind of bummed I wasn't able to get any pictures during lessons...

Kate with her teacher Sydney
Waiting to get in the water

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