Sunday, March 23, 2014

Amelia- Rice Cereal

Big weekend here at the Bahr house...Millie tried rice cereal for the first time on Saturday March 22, 2014!! It's always so fun to see your baby grow and develop but it's also so sad at the same time. I think a part of me was holding out cause I wasn't ready for her to grow up...but after weeks of eyeing our food we finally took the plunge. 

Millie did really great! First time a total success! At first she wasn't so sure but quickly caught on and started opening and closing her mouth chomping and seeming to quite like it. It is sooo cute watching her figuring out how to eat from a spoon! Then on Sunday it went even that much better! Watch out...Fruits and veggies here we come!

Thursday, March 20, 2014


It's been a LONG winter here in Iowa! We've had record breaking cold this winter that has lasted far too long! I'm not usually a weather complainer but I've about had it and have been ready for some warmer temperatures for quite some time. 

Fortunately, I think Spring is finally arriving. We've stared to see some sunshine and heck...we've even had a few almost 60 degree days! It has felt amazing to go for some walks and play outside. Kate is in total heaven and now asks all.of.the.time is we can go outside. That girl would sleep in a swing if I'd let her! Millie seems to love being outside too...or it might just be she loves doing anything with her big sis!

First swing ever!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Swimming 2014

So every time we'd pass the building where we took our mom and tot swim class last winter, a year later, Kate would say "Swim class...that's where I took swimming with Oakey and Addy!" I really wanted to take another class this winter but wasn't so sure how we could do it with Millie. I thought about just bringing Millie and having her sit in her stroller like we've done a few times when we've gone swimming (I'd often plan to go swim when Millie needed to nap) but I didn't know with me needing to be an active participant and having class at a set time if that would work. 

Fortunately an awesome friend agreed to watch Millie so we were able to sign up for a 6 week class. We had a ball! It was fun to have some one-on-one time with Kate and I was really impressed how much she actually learned this year. Kate is a pro bubble blower and is an expert kicker! And does pretty awesome with her ice cream scoops! Although her favorite part of class was when she got to jump of the edge to me again and again!  Kind of bummed I wasn't able to get any pictures during lessons...

Kate with her teacher Sydney
Waiting to get in the water

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Amelia- 5 months

Last week Amelia turned 5 months! I feel like she has been apart of our family for longer then that! But then again it also seems like she just arrived and shouldn't be so big.

Here's the monthly update...

-Mille LOVES her hands! She is always sucking on them, looking at them or chomping on them! I usually find her sucking on her right middle finger and ring finger when I come to get her after her naps.
-Is teething hard core! But no pearly whites have popped out yet. She gets her front really soaked and is chomping on Sophie, teething ring, silicone beads, or my fingers all of the time.
-Forgot to mention just after Millie turned 4 months I was checking out her month (because she seemed like she was teething) to my surprise I spotted a little "tooth" in her upper left gum. Totally crazy...I ended up taking my little 4 month old to the dentist...turns out it is called an epstein pearl. It isn't a tooth but rather a tooth fragment that some babies just get. Apparently it will just fall out, no big deal.
-She's now wearing size 2 diapers
-Finally wearing 3-6 month clothes
-Favorite toys: any teething toy, her gym, stuffed animal turtle, and anything that Kate brings her!
-Like I mentioned in my previous post- Kate adores "playing" with Millie...whether it's reading stories, having a picnic, or pushing her around in the dolly stroller. They have so much fun together!
-Millie takes much better naps at home in her crib. It's definite a balance trying to stay home more so she can nap at home rather than in her car seat but it's hard in the mornings when we have errands to do or fun activities to do. Takes two ~2 hour naps each day!
-Starting to really look interested in our food
-Getting stronger and better at tummy time
-Weighs 13 lbs 2 oz

Millie just continues to be the most pleasant little lady around! She continues to smile like crazy and is a complete joy!

Friday, March 7, 2014


Kate has always done really well with Millie! We were fortunate to avoid the often real jealous phase of a new baby in the house. But in the past few weeks Kate has really started "playing" with Millie and I LOVE it!

I just had to share some of my favorite sisters pics as of late. My heart just bursts as I watch these two beauties interact! When I leave Millie even for a second...I always find Kate snuggling up to Millie either reading her a story, sharing toys, or just talking to her.  Pretty sure Millie gives the biggest smiles when her big sister is around! 

Millie is Kate's favorite patient

Walked out to find this impromptu picnic
Kate told me she'd  give Millie her need to see the real doctor

First set of coordinating outfits
Sharing with sister
A real honor...Kate sharing her two best friends with Millie

Kate's favorite dolly

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tot Lot 2014

Whoa! Has it really been almost a month since I last posted pictures. Man, time flies! We've been busy trying to stay warm out in this arctic tundra! It has most definitely been our worst winter in Iowa and I am getting pretty sick of this cold cold weather. Highs of -6 degrees with -30 wind chill isn't very fun...But I haven't let it keep us from getting out of the house! 

Last winter we discovered our local rec center's Tot Lot. They open up the gym twice a week and fill it with Little Tykes cars, slides, balls, and bikes and charge $1 for hours of entertainment... literally! Kate is crazy about it and loves scampering about. Her favorite thing is the alligator teeter totter... One day she sat on it for 35 minutes...up and down...up and down...never stopping! 

Kate has particularly enjoyed getting Millie in on the action this year! Kate really is such a sweet big sister. She doesn't want Millie missing out on the fun and asks to put her in every car/toy...some work out better than others! 

We sure love Tot Lot and are thankful for such a fun place to play even though it's frigid outside!

Not at tot lot...but so cute. If you look you'll see drool dripping down...this little lady is teething big time!