Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Vacation

We got to spend an amazing 2 /2 weeks with our families in Utah! We had so much fun playing with cousins, catching up with old friends, relaxing, and visiting many of our Utah favorites! Christmas was magical! It just gets more and more fun and was especially sweet with a little babe. And Amelia finally got to meet our families!

Our fun included but wasn't limited to: Grandparents, cousins, sleeping in, Cafe Rio, City Creek, Temple Square Lights, naps, La Puente, seeing long time friends, playing games, Amelia's blessing, the Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum, a ride on Front Runner, Zupas, Saving Mr. Banks, Farr's Fresh FroYo, pedicures, sealings at the Salt Lake Temple, In-n-Out, and the Midway Ice Castle!

We took A LOT of's just a few...

Temple Square
Ice Castle
City Creek
Paisley loved holding Millie
Bahr Cousins

Sokol Family on Christmas Day
Riding Thomas aka Front Runner

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