Saturday, January 4, 2014

Amelia's Blessing

On Sunday December 22, 2014 we gathered in Orem to give our sweet little girl and name and a blessing! It was a very special day...all of our family was able to be there! As I looked at each of my brothers and their families and all of Tim's too...I was totally overwhelmed with gratitude and love! Days like that don't happen very often! We both have such incredible, supportive families! It was so lovely to all be together!

Amelia wore the same dress that my mom, me, and Kate wore! The dress was bought by my great-grandmother Kate for my mom. The original underdress was mom and Kate wore that white one but after my mom had three boys she was so excited to have a little girl she decided she wanted me to wear pink on my blessing day... I decided it would be fun to have Amelia wear the pink underdress that I wore!

Tim gave Amelia a beautiful blessing! We then went over to Tim's parents house for a yummy was a pretty perfect day until Amelia decided to have a blowout...let's just say it went everywhere...and we hadn't had a chance to take pictures yet. I was pretty bummed but decided I wouldn't let it ruin our beautiful day. Makes for a vivid memory I guess...fortunately we just took some pictures a few days later :)

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