Friday, January 24, 2014

Minneapolis, MN

As soon as we realized that Tim would be getting MLK Day off we made plans to get out of town! Iowa City is located around 4-5 hours away from several large, fun cities. We have taken advantage of our close proximity and had many fun weekend Chicago, St. Louis, and Kansas City...the one place we hadn't been to yet was Minneapolis! Although visiting Minnesota is the middle of this Arctic winter perhaps wasn't ideal we actually had decent weather, sunshine, and planned to be inside anyway. Minneapolis is a lot of fun! It's bigger than I expected. We had a fabulous time checking out the Mall of America, the biggest mall in the USA, riding roller coasters at their indoor amusement park and doing a little shopping.  Love getting away and spending time with our little family! 
Helpful big sister Kate
Minneapolis Temple
Poor Kate..." It's locked, I can't get in!"

Our happy girl!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Amelia- 3 months

It's hard to believe that we moved to Iowa just before Kate turned three months... It certainly puts things in perspective. Millie seems so big yet she's tiny compared to our crazy Kate! Time certainly does fly!
  • To celebrate her 3rd month birthday, Amelia decided to give us her first audible laugh. She hasn't stopped since and in the last day has become quite the talker. She loves trying to copy us and makes the most darling sounds.
  • She can always be found smiling. I swear you just look her direction and her face lights up! I just can't get over what a happy, sweet, good baby she is!
  • Amelia goes to sleep around 9-9:30pm and wakes up around 7-7:30am. 
  • She holds her head up really well...I think it's almost time to pull out the Bumbo.
  • Since returning home to Iowa, is obsessed with her floor gym. She especially seems to like the turquoise octopus.
  • Loves looking at herself in the mirror. She thinks it's the funniest, best thing ever!
  • Kate loves giving her kisses and hugs. There is nothing sweeter than watching Kate give Amelia a soft kiss and hear her say "I wuve you Millie!"
  • Amelia is starting to like her Sophie giraffe toy. Amelia smiles so big when Sophia squeaks and can kind of grab onto her now.
  • She naps really well in the morning, not so much in the afternoon...but hey, I'll take it...if it means she'll sleep through the night. 
  • I think she's a little over 11 lbs. I weighed her on a scale in Utah and she was 10 1/2 lbs. 
  • Oh and she is the best little traveler! She did amazing on all of our flights. She slept, ate, or was just totally content. She really likes snuggling into my Moby wrap. 
We are just totally loving this stage right now! It is so fun to watch her grow and develop. I think I could sit and make her laugh all day long! 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Amelia's Blessing

On Sunday December 22, 2014 we gathered in Orem to give our sweet little girl and name and a blessing! It was a very special day...all of our family was able to be there! As I looked at each of my brothers and their families and all of Tim's too...I was totally overwhelmed with gratitude and love! Days like that don't happen very often! We both have such incredible, supportive families! It was so lovely to all be together!

Amelia wore the same dress that my mom, me, and Kate wore! The dress was bought by my great-grandmother Kate for my mom. The original underdress was mom and Kate wore that white one but after my mom had three boys she was so excited to have a little girl she decided she wanted me to wear pink on my blessing day... I decided it would be fun to have Amelia wear the pink underdress that I wore!

Tim gave Amelia a beautiful blessing! We then went over to Tim's parents house for a yummy was a pretty perfect day until Amelia decided to have a blowout...let's just say it went everywhere...and we hadn't had a chance to take pictures yet. I was pretty bummed but decided I wouldn't let it ruin our beautiful day. Makes for a vivid memory I guess...fortunately we just took some pictures a few days later :)

Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Vacation

We got to spend an amazing 2 /2 weeks with our families in Utah! We had so much fun playing with cousins, catching up with old friends, relaxing, and visiting many of our Utah favorites! Christmas was magical! It just gets more and more fun and was especially sweet with a little babe. And Amelia finally got to meet our families!

Our fun included but wasn't limited to: Grandparents, cousins, sleeping in, Cafe Rio, City Creek, Temple Square Lights, naps, La Puente, seeing long time friends, playing games, Amelia's blessing, the Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum, a ride on Front Runner, Zupas, Saving Mr. Banks, Farr's Fresh FroYo, pedicures, sealings at the Salt Lake Temple, In-n-Out, and the Midway Ice Castle!

We took A LOT of's just a few...

Temple Square
Ice Castle
City Creek
Paisley loved holding Millie
Bahr Cousins

Sokol Family on Christmas Day
Riding Thomas aka Front Runner