Thursday, December 5, 2013

Amelia- 2 months

This little lady is growing up! We are sure enjoying her sweet smiles and pleasant demeanor! We received a glowing report at her 2 month appointment. Amelia is gaining weight as expected and looks fantastic. She loves watching her mobile on her swing and loves watching the lights in her floor gym. She is eating well and only gets up once in the middle of the did I get so lucky?!

She didn't love her 2 month forget how hard they can cry! Kate never had much of a reaction to her immunizations other than being a bit more sleepy...but poor Millie was pretty fussy afterwards and was inconsolable for about an hour that afternoon but otherwise did great. Thanks goodness for Tylenol, it seemed to do the trick. Here are her 2 months stats:

Weight:  9 lbs 10 oz (14th%itle)
Height:  20 inches (still not on the chart!! Below the 3rd%itle but following her own curve quite nicely)

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  1. You can't expect a baby with those kissable of cheeks to be tall as well, it would be unfair to rest of the average babies...