Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Big Sister Kate

Just last week Kate turned 2 1/2 years old! Whether it's becoming a big sister or just the fact that Amelia is so little... I feel like Kate has grown up so much!

Kate really is such a sweet, good girl! She has done extremely well with this new baby sister thing. I cannot even imagine how her world has just been turned upside down...going from the center of our world to now sharing our attention with a needy newborn. From the beginning I thought she would do well...she was so excited throughout my pregnancy talking about her baby sister. She came to every prenatal appointment including all 7 of my ultrasounds. She totally looked forward to going to "see Millie" and see "Dr. Ward" and pushing all the door and elevator buttons. My doctor loves Kate and would have Kate hold that little doppler thing so she would listen to sister's heartbeat. Then, I think our week long stay in the hospital helped her be really excited about Amelia too. Kate totally loved coming to visit us and still talks about and asks to go to the hospital. 

I am very thankful she has done so well. Kate is very careful around Millie and has never tried to swat/hit or anything like that. She loves to join Millie for tummy time, put her pacifier back in, and throw away her diapers. Kate loves to tell us "I'm a big helper!" She gets worried about where Millie is if she can't immediately see her and loves having Millie read stories with her. There of course have been the occasion running and sitting into the rocking chair or confiscating my boppy pillow so I can't nurse Millie but overall it's been great. But then we have had a roller coaster ride in the sleep department! Kate has started getting up later, taking longer to go to bed, and has had several napping strikes. However, I think I've got her back to taking a nap everyday (thank goodness) and we call it a victory is she sleeps till 6am!

I am just overwhelmed by the love I have for my girls and just feel so fortunate to be Kate and Amelia's mama!

Here are a few more fun things about Kate:
  • "Baby" her penguin is still the greatest friend ever!
  • Favorite toys...definitely her doctor kit (I think this girls going to be PA or nurse), Mickey Mouse and friends figurines, Princess figurines, and her purse full of Halloween candy that she still hasn't eaten and sorts daily. She has also really gotten into puzzles! 
  • Still loves going to nursery. On our ride home every Sunday Kate gives me a full report on who cried and who was there! They recently had a lesson on sharing that made quite the impact!
  • Adores anything Minnie Mouse, Disney Princesses, or Sophia the First!
  • Can count to 12
  • Cracks us up daily with the things that she says! I've got to get better at writing them all down...
  • Is getting so good at saying "Please" and "Thank you!
  • Is really excited about Santa Clause bringing her presents...but also understands that we celebrate Christmas because of "Baby Jesus."
  • Loved decorating our Christmas tree...told me "our Christmas tree looks awesome!"
  • It's obsessed with the TV show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She also loves Elmo (especially Elmo Visits the Doctor) and Doc McStuffins. She may or may not have watched more television in the past 6 weeks than her entire life prior to Amelia's arrival :)
  • Loves technology! Especially loves playing on "Daddy's iPad." The other day when she asked to play with it and Tim had taken it with him for the day...Kate replied "we need to go buy another one! I need a mini iPad" 

I feel bad, with all of our sleep issues, I think I've had several thoughts about how challenging she is. But if I take a step back I remember what good, sweet, fun girl she really is. I wouldn't trade my spunky Kate for anything! I really wish I could bottle up this time and save it forever! I totally love these pictures my friend, Melissa, took of Kate. They capture her personality just perfectly!


  1. such good pictures, Melissa! What a doll she is. Amelia's lucky to have such an awesome big sister. I hear you on the sleep troubles. Who would have thought that your toddler would have more trouble sleeping than your newborn?? And holy cow when did you put up your Christmas tree? How is it that Kate isn't interested in eating her Halloween candy. Her mom must be a dietitian. :) Also love that she reports about nursery.

  2. I love this, and your other posts as well (I'm just getting caught up!). I can't get over how grown-up Kate looks and Millie is such a doll. I bet Kate would make a great nurse :)