Friday, November 8, 2013

1 month

Our little Amelia is already a month old! How is that even possible? How time flies? But then again, I guess a lot has happened...and I'm that must mean I've been waking up in the middle of the night for at least a little bit to accrue some sleep debt :) Although I shouldn't complain...Amelia only gets up usually twice a night and goes back to sleep quite easily.

Anyway, she is just a delight! She is a very calm, sweet little babe who loves to snuggle. She loves to be held and doesn't seem to like her swing as much as Kate did. Or maybe it's just that I'm off chasing Kate and Amelia needs my attention too. This two kid thing isn't easy. I feel like I can't be the mom I want to be for both of them...but I am trying to be patient with myself and am learning how to not split my time and love but rather increase it :)

Amelia is feeding like a champ! She eats every 2-3 hours and likes to cluster feed in the evenings. She took her first bottle on Wednesday November 6th and did quite well. She is starting to social smile...or at least I think so. She loves hearing Kate's voice and doesn't seem to mind when Kate takes her blanket or a toy :) Just so happy that she is here and is growing and healthy!

1 month stats:
Weight- 7 lbs 5 oz (10%tie)
Height- 19 in (<3%tile)


  1. So glad she's a good baby, give yourself time to adjust, no one will be worse for the wear....

  2. She is just such a pretty baby. Glad she's doing well. Having 2 sounds so hard to me, so way to go!

  3. Hayley. Did you make that quilt?? I LOVE IT!
    P.S. this is wendy. :)