Sunday, October 27, 2013

Long Week

It wasn't until Sunday, the 6th, the day after Amelia was born, that we learned that because of her infection she would need a week long course of IV antibiotics... I had been told we would be discharging on Monday at 11am so this came as quite the shock. 

Thankfully my mom flew out as soon as she could and arrived on Sunday evening. It was pretty cute, in the weeks that preceded Amelia's arrival, we would tell Kate that Grandma was coming...she was coming because we needed some help. Kate didn't stop saying, "Grandma coming...we need help" for weeks. We knew we were going to need help but it wasn't until we realized that we'd be at the hospital so long just how much help we really did need. 

Fortunately they let us stay on the mother baby until Wednesday at 2pm when they just got too full and we had to transfer to one of the pediatric floors.  It was quite shocking going from our extremely nice mother baby room complete with double bed and a huge jetted tub to the tiny room (that they initially told me I was going to have to share with another newborn) with just a shower, and one of those fold out chair beds. 

It was a long week but Amelia got the care that she needed and Kate really loved coming to the hospital (she is still talking about it all).  Fortunately by Friday morning Amelia's labs looked good and we were told we could discharge. We finally made it home on Friday night at 9:42pm! 

It was certainly a trying week but ultimately we realize we were lucky that things went as well as they did. It could have been so much worse. Amelia really wasn't that sick and she just needed her antibiotics.  We are very thankful for the good care that we received and were just happy to finally make it home! 

Kate insisted on bringing "Baby" to meet her sister
Amelia's room on the peds floor

Proud big sister!

First time they let us leave the floor


  1. Oh my goodness! What an adventure. She is just beautiful and perfect. I have a random question- what kind of stroller is that? It looks cool. I may be in the market in the near future ;)

  2. The long week in the hospital doesn't seem so bad now. I am so glad I was able to be there with you. So grateful you are home and all is well. Amelia is beautiful. Your two darling daughters are precious and sweet. We have so much to be grateful for!