Monday, September 2, 2013


First off, Happy Labor Day! Our day was pretty anticlimactic but we did enjoy a BBQ at the beautiful Kent Park, just outside of Iowa City, with a bunch of friends this evening!

But what I wanted to talk about was our weekend visitors...

My oldest brother Steve and his wife Kristin came to visit us in Iowa City! It was so much fun especially because I never expected to have any (mine or Tim's) siblings visit us while we lived in Iowa. My brother had a conference in Chicago earlier in the week so after Kristin joined him in Chicago they caught the Amtrak train and came to see us. They were only here for a day and half but we squeezed in a lot of fun including a trip to central Iowa to visit the Sokol sites (Collins, State Center, and Marshalltown), ate a Maid-Rite and pork tenderloin sandwich, saw fields of corn and soybeans for miles and miles, and went to Fry Fest here in Iowa City, plus enjoyed playing games and catching up. Unfortunately it was the hottest week of the entire year...literally...but I think they still had a pretty great time. Thanks Steve and Kristin for coming to visit! We loved having you here!
Visiting Collins, IA where my grandparents are both buried
Kate enjoyed the drive...notice Baby (her penguin)
Beautiful corn fields
My Dad's many memories of visiting Grandma and Grandpa Sokol each summer 


  1. Yay for Visitors! I really wish we could come and see you guys and check out all those cornfields! Oh, and your little baby bump is the cutest!!!

  2. We had such a nice time, I didn't really even mind the heat. I would have been disappointed if it were more mild. Thanks for being so good to us and driving us all over the state!