Monday, September 9, 2013

That Toddlin' Town

I've always loved that Frank Sinatra song...and I can't help but sing it over and over again each time we go visit. This past weekend we made a little trip to the Windy City...our last as a family of only three!! We are only about 5 weeks away from meeting our new little lady and we needed an Ikea to finish her room. Unfortunately, Iowa does not have Ikea so we just HAD to make a trip to Chicago... Not to mention the Art Institute was hosting this incredible temporary exhibit on Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity that we just couldn't miss. 

Chicago is such a fun city and there is so much to do! I've now been three times and still feel like I've just started to scratch the surface. I really wanted to take Kate to the aquarium but there just wasn't enough time...we selfishly decided we had to go to the art museum...poor Kate! And we were so glad that we did. The exhibit was amazing and Kate did really well. We'd like to think we are just helping her appreciate the finer things in life... Kate especially enjoyed the top hats that they had on exhibit. Unfortunately, they didn't allow us to take any pictures in that 

Aside from the Art Institute, we packed in a lot more fun including a trip to Trader Joe's, a walk through Millenium Park to go see "The Bean," ate Chicago dogs, ate deep dish Chicago-style pizza, spent way too much at Ikea, and ended the trip watching the Cougars beat Texas! Great trip!!!
Cloud Gate...aka "The Bean"

January 2012
September 2013...Kate's second trip to the museum
Helping Daddy with Amelia's dresser at Ikea
Entertaining ourselves while we waited for the lightning/rain delay to pass so we could watch the BYU Game


  1. Love this post. Love Ikea. Love Trader Joe's. LOVE Monet. And most especially LOVE you guys!! What's up with all these rain delays?? seriously. At least they won this time. Did you get that train set at Ikea? Oakley would probably love that. Kate's looking SO BIG! Is she ready to be the cutest big sister ever or what?

  2. Isaac did an internship in Chicago and it is such a fun city! I love the bean. You look great, by the way :)