Monday, August 19, 2013

City Park Fun

We had a pretty awesome weekend! With Tim being on his dermatology rotation life has been much better. He has great hours and we love having him around more. This past Friday we headed to City Park to check out their amusement park rides! They only have a few rides and quite frankly they aren't in the greatest condition but they are super cute and they were totally enough to satisfy us. Kate enjoyed riding the airplanes but was not interested in riding the train or much of anything else. The weather was perfect, the ducks were out, and it was just so nice being together!

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Kate Update

Well let's's been a little while since my last post...we've been keeping pretty busy. And we haven't had quite the same level of summer of fun that we had last year so I don't have near as many exciting pictures. But no worries we are still having some fun and I still have plenty of pictures to share!

Today just so happens to be Kate's 27th month birthday so I thought I'd share a brief Kate update! Oh man, our little lady is! She keeps me on the run and always smiling. She certainly has her terrible two moments but she is also the sweetest, most fun loving girl and we wouldn't want it any other way.

  • Kate is excited that her baby sister is coming! (Oh and by the's official, our baby girl will be named Amelia)! Kate talks about her baby sister, "Ah-mill-ya" a lot and knows that projects I work on are for Amelia. Only problem...she thinks baby sister is in her tummy. Kate loves going to the doctor with me to "hear Ah-mill-ya's heart." She loves reading stories about new babies and becoming a big sister.  I know we are going to have a whole new adventure adjusting to a little sister but I have a feeling Kate is going to be an awesome big sister and great helper. 
  • Kate also has really gotten obsessed with checking the mail. She loves running to the mailbox whenever we're out front or getting in the car to go run errands to check the mail. She of course can't reach the box but insists on having me open it to check. She loves carrying our envelopes into the house and gets especially excited when her Friend Magazine comes! Kate loves flipping through her magazine pointing out temples, Jesus, and President Monson. She is also really into names right now and wants to know the name of each kid that sends in their artwork or story. 
  • Like I said she is really into knowing names right now. Kate loves talking about her friends in nursery and when I ask her how nursery was on Sunday she replies "Good...Colton, Neva, Aiden, James"...and continues to list off everyone's names. She loves talking about our couple friends and whenever we've had friends over Kate wakes up the next morning asking where they have gone. 
  • Kate is obsessed with Disney music. She loves listening to Pandora's Disney and Toddler channels. Kate's favorite Disney character right now it Mulan or maybe Shang (the boy from Mulan) although Rapunzel and Aurora are close seconds. She can be found multiple times a day singing "Let's get down to business to defeat the Hun...did they send me daughters...sons." She is so good with words! I am always so impressed on how much she picks up on. She is definitely our little singer. 
  • Kate is an amazing gardner. Every day Kate knows when Dad gets home they are going to head to the backyard and check on the garden. It's pretty dang cute to watch Kate run out with Tim and hear her say "my tomatoes, turns red." Tim has done an excellent job teaching her she has to wait till the tomatoes turn read before she can pick them.  Kate loves getting in the dirt and actually picking off the tomatoes and then comes to the back door proudly saying "Mom, mom...look tomatoes!" 
  • And unfortunately Kate has become addicted to technology. She'll come up to me in the morning and say "Mommy, I need ipad" or demand "Princess music" to be turned on. And she loves watching movies on the tv...I guess our efforts to avoid screen time till 2 years have perhaps caused her to love tv even more...who knows. 
  • Oh and a funny we keep a pretty set meals/snack schedule around our house. Kate knows if she choses not to eat her meal or snack she will have to wait till the next one. I'm not depriving the poor girl I promise...I actually think our food habits are the reason she eats so well...but anyway... this past Sunday Kate chose not to eat much of her breakfast. About 15 minutes after I cleaned up breakfast and was starting to get ready for church Kate came walking to my room with the piece of cinnamon bread in her hand. Where did she get that you may ask...the poor girl had snagged the heel that I had thrown away out of the garbage can!! I didn't know if I should be mortified, feel like an awful mom, or proud. She is resourceful what can I say?! Fortunately I had emptied the bag the night before. 

Anyway...Happy 2 years 3 months Kater-Skater! It's hard to believe in 2 months time our little family of three will be four and our baby Kate won't be our only baby! Wow! That is crazy!