Tuesday, March 12, 2013

22 months

It's hard to believe our little Kate is now only two months shy of her 2 year birthday! Wow, how time flies!  Kate and I planned a surprise trip to celebrate my parents birthdays (more to come on my next post) so we were in Utah to celebrate!

Kate loves the temple! She loves looking through our house and searching through her Friend magazine for pictures of the temple. She is really good a spotting any temple but then also thinks any pretty pointy building (aka the old State Capital here in Iowa City or our chapel) is the temple too. She's walked around the Nauvoo Temple but I wanted to take her downtown to Temple Square so she could enjoy the Salt Lake Temple and boy did she. She loved climbing up the stairs and just kept saying, "temple, temple." It was pretty dang cute. 

City Creek play area
Touching the temple

Here are a few other things I want to remember about Kate right now:
  • Kate loves to dance! She especially enjoys spinning/dancing to The Beatles and Taylor Swift.
  • Loves Disney princesses and can identify Belle and Rapunzel. Kate loves to hand me her Little People princesses and have me sing the corresponding song that goes with each one.
  • Loves to spot the tigerhawk (the University of Iowa symbol). She is really good at seeing them and loves to exclaim, "hawkeye!" This is really cute especially since there are hawkeyes all over Iowa City. But much to my dismay she also now says "hawkeye" whenever she sees a Cougar "Y." Don't worry though I am working on changing that. 
  • Jumps from our ottoman to the couch...and thinks it is hilarious. She counts before she jumps, "two, two, two" (for one, two, three). 
  • Is entertained for a long time with her Sesame Street Clubhouse
  • Enjoyed watching some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Curious George while at Grandma's and Grandpa's house.
Favorite books, Roadwork and Babies on the Move.


  1. That is really funny about the Hawkeye! I guess she can have dual loyalties to Iowa and BYU--they never play each other :)

  2. What a little cutie! So big and so smart! Can't wait to see more about your surprise trip to Utah (how fun!).