Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Happy Easter!  I love this time of year...I love Spring...I love watching the Earth come back to life...the tree popping and the tulips beginning to poke their way out...but most of all I love my Savior Jesus Christ, the real reason we celebrate Easter.   

We had a great weekend, full of traditions, a great feast with dear friends, and of course plenty of candy! Kate was especially excited about our Easter egg hunt. She really enjoyed running around the backyard searching for each egg. Every time she found one she immediately would open it, put the candy in her basket and then would discard the plastic egg...silly girl. I guess she just knows what she wants :)

Dying eggs
Kate liked dropping the eggs into the dye...good thing they were hard boiled... 

Enjoying her Easter basket
Kate's Easter Dress

Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break in Missouri

We just enjoyed a whole week of having Tim was Spring Break! We headed down to Missouri to enjoy some warm weather, fun, and relaxation. We first stopped in Kansas City to visit with some dear friends, The Tarullos, from Colorado (I forgot to get a picture, dang it). We also enjoyed visiting Liberty Jail, going to downtown Kansas City and seeing the Hallmark Visitor Center and Kaleidoscope, and stopped by Independence, MO as we left down and headed down to Branson, MO.
Branson is a pretty crazy place...but we enjoyed some great shopping, awesome Mexican food, mini golf, and pool time. Thank you Spring Break for a wonderful back to reality.

 Kaleidoscope let's kids make art with leftover materials from Hallmark's manufacturing processes. Kate was much more interested in just playing around
Stopped by the famous OK Joe's for some awesome BBQ
Independence Missouri Visitor Center

Branson Landing Fountains

Kate's first putt putt experience
Swimming at the resort

Saturday, March 23, 2013

El Cholo Extravaganza

So like I previously mentioned, Kate and I took a surprise trip to Utah at the beginning of March for my parents birthdays! My parents birthdays are only 3 days apart and this year was an extra important birthday to celebrate! My brothers, sisters-in-law, and I put a lot of thought and effort into how we wanted to make this celebration extra special. We decided we wanted to recreate one of my parents favorite restaurants, El Cholo in California. My mom grew up going to El Cholo while living in Southern California and each time we go to Cali, El Cholo is always at the top of list of places we have to go! 

Our surprise El Cholo night was so fun! We ordered the famous Green Corn Tamales from El Cholo and then used El Cholo recipes to make everything else i.e enchiladas, chile rellenos, rice, and beans. And after talking to one of the managers and telling them about our plans, they sent us cocktail napkins with the El Cholo logo on them, children's menus to color, a menu, a cool baseball cap, and their special praline cookies for dessert. We had such a good time. The decorations were darling, the food was terrific, and the company was the best. It was so special and just the perfect way to celebrate!

My brothers and I did these picture recreations from when we were little, they turned out really awesome! 
The grandkids

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

22 months

It's hard to believe our little Kate is now only two months shy of her 2 year birthday! Wow, how time flies!  Kate and I planned a surprise trip to celebrate my parents birthdays (more to come on my next post) so we were in Utah to celebrate!

Kate loves the temple! She loves looking through our house and searching through her Friend magazine for pictures of the temple. She is really good a spotting any temple but then also thinks any pretty pointy building (aka the old State Capital here in Iowa City or our chapel) is the temple too. She's walked around the Nauvoo Temple but I wanted to take her downtown to Temple Square so she could enjoy the Salt Lake Temple and boy did she. She loved climbing up the stairs and just kept saying, "temple, temple." It was pretty dang cute. 

City Creek play area
Touching the temple

Here are a few other things I want to remember about Kate right now:
  • Kate loves to dance! She especially enjoys spinning/dancing to The Beatles and Taylor Swift.
  • Loves Disney princesses and can identify Belle and Rapunzel. Kate loves to hand me her Little People princesses and have me sing the corresponding song that goes with each one.
  • Loves to spot the tigerhawk (the University of Iowa symbol). She is really good at seeing them and loves to exclaim, "hawkeye!" This is really cute especially since there are hawkeyes all over Iowa City. But much to my dismay she also now says "hawkeye" whenever she sees a Cougar "Y." Don't worry though I am working on changing that. 
  • Jumps from our ottoman to the couch...and thinks it is hilarious. She counts before she jumps, "two, two, two" (for one, two, three). 
  • Is entertained for a long time with her Sesame Street Clubhouse
  • Enjoyed watching some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Curious George while at Grandma's and Grandpa's house.
Favorite books, Roadwork and Babies on the Move.