Monday, February 25, 2013

First Time Sledding

I don't think I've mentioned what babies Iowans are when it comes to the's true...they really are. This past Thursday we got a decent snow storm like 5-6 inches of snow and the town pretty much shuts down. Schools get cancelled or at least delayed and the stores are empty because no one wants to go out. I mean come on! I guess living in East Salt Lake and probably only ever having 3 snow days my entire K-12 school I just can't believe it . Doesn't Iowa get a lot of snow each year? The answer is yes, always! It seems like they don't know what to do.

Anyway, off my soap box...this Saturday we took advantage of the snow and took Kate sledding for her first time! I was so excited to take her so when I found out our friends the Shaha's were going we got dressed in a hurry and headed out to the park right by our house. Kate didn't mind going down the hill but mostly preferred just walking around and being outside. She also seemed to really enjoy sitting in the sled and being pulled around.

Hope you are enjoying the snow and winter! My parents are in Hawaii right now...

Kate and her best friend Oakley

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  1. oh, I just love this! Too fun! And Kate looks absolutely amazing in her snow suit! Enjoy all the snow - and tell Iowa to buck up :)