Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thanksgiving in Utah

We're back...back in Iowa, back to real life, back to the grind of school...but only for a few weeks before we get to go back :)

We had a great Thanksgiving filled with family, close friends, good food, and fun memories! We sure have a lot to be thankful for.  Perhaps one of the things I am most thankful for is the ability to go "home" to Utah to visit our families!

We had a great time and packed in a lot of fun. I love Utah!! I love those mountains, I love walking into my parents house, I love running into friends from elementary school at the grocery store, I love sharing my favorite places with Kate, and I especially love watching Kate play with her grandparents and cousins. We'll be back real soon Utah, don't worry!

Happy 18th month Birthday to Kate! 
Welcomed by 2 feet of snow
Mickey and Minnie came to visit SLC too! 
ZCMI Candy Windows
Playing with cousin Kaylee 
Kate picked up an affinity for quarter rides this trip 
On campus...she'll be here for real before we know it!
Wagon ride with cousin Ellie at Grandma B's
No snow now...mowing the lawn with Grandpa
So good...I always make sure to frequent Cafe Rio while in town
Thanksgiving baking


  1. Cute post Hayley! We had a fun time while you were will be fun to see you guys again in a few weeks! Love, Ann, Adam & Ellie

  2. Holy pies Batman! I am so impressed. Can't imagine Kate ever being old enough to be a student at BYU. She can't ever be that old. Ever!

  3. We are grateful you were able to be home with us for Thanksgiving. Grandma would be so proud of your pie making, Hay.