Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Very Merry Iowa Christmas

With going to Utah for both Thanksgiving and Christmas we've only had 2 1/2 weeks to be home here in Iowa...But I still insisted we pull out all the decorations. Christmas is such a magical time of year and I love the Spirit in our home that comes with decorating and celebrating Christmas. Tim has been extremely busy these last few weeks but we've still made time for a few of our family traditions and Kate and I have had a lot of fun preparing for Christmas. Kate has loved looking at the tree and surprisingly has left the ornaments safely on the tree. She has only pulled off a few bells and candy canes that I purposefully placed at the bottom of the tree for her. Kate loves seeing pictures and decorations of Santa and even waves at and says "Santa" but is totally terrified of sitting on his lap. I've tried twice now to get a pic but with the death grip she has on me I couldn't get one. Maybe next year! And we recently learned that Kate loves being on part of our church's Christmas party Kate got to participate in the nativity as a shepherd. When it was her turn to come out on stage she enjoyed incessantly waving to Dada, dancing in circles while they sang "Away in a Manger" and at the end blew kisses to the crowd...who knew she'd have such stage presence.

Santa actually made a special trip to our house this weekend so we wouldn't have to worry about packing our gifts back to Iowa. We've had a very Merry Iowa Christmas and are excited for our Utah Christmas!

At our ward Christmas party

Christmas morning


  1. looks like fun! Kate is getting so big! hopefully in the 2 weeks of being in Iowa you'll hear their christmas song. I've only heard "Christmas in Iowa" a handful of times, but it's so awesomely cheesy. Keep an ear out when listening to christmas stations:)

  2. Merry Early Christmas! Your tree is just lovely - and it looks like you had a wonderful little Christmas in Iowa. Love and miss you guys!
    -Jess (I'm on Nick's account)

  3. I love extra Christmases! It's always so sad to get it all done in one day, so way to stretch out the joy! Your tree is waaaaay better-looking than ours, BTW. I'm impressed :)