Wednesday, December 12, 2012

19 months

When did this little girl get so big?! We are loving the toddler's so much fun!! Here's the latest on our favorite girl:
  • Weighs 22 lbs (~30%tile) and is 30 inches (~10%tile) tall.
  • Is ALWAYS talking or singing. Favorite new words "Santa" and "orange." New songs "London Bridges," "We are a Happy Family,""Bingo" and "Jingle Bells."
  • Loves animals.  Especially loves to "meow" like a kitty and can now tell you that sheep say "ba." We're excited to go back to Utah and see Mistek.
  • Kate loves Christmas...the lights, the music, the decorations, Baby Jesus, and Santa! Although as previously described, prefers to view Santa from a distance.
  • Kate loves playing with her Little People nativity set. She especially loves to hold onto and say "Baby Jesus." So cute!
  • Current favorite toys...definitely adores her new shopping cart that Grandpa and Grandma had sent here to Iowa for Christmas! Loves her new bead necklaces, match box cars, and putting real boxes of pudding and canned food into her grocery cart. Still loves her ride-on-Zebra, dollhouse, and play food and microwave.
  • Has recently started wanting to help put away silverware. I'm seriously about this. Just yesterday as she pulled spoons and forks from the basket instead of playing with them she handed them to me one by one. She is my little helper!
  • Penguin is still her best friend and comes with us just about everywhere!
  • Has become a nursery pro...has gone to nursery 5 times now and is doing so well. I'm so proud of her.
  • Enjoys doing headstands.
  • Loves to knock on doors. It's so cute. She makes a fist and really knocks on a closed door and says "Dada."
  • Is beginning to give some getting ready to potty train signs...but I think we are still a ways off.
This happy, thumb-sucking, shy, toddling little girl is our pride and joy! 

A special thank you to my friend Melissa for talking these pictures...Kate is a tough subject (ie likes to run away and not smile)...but we still got some really great ones!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Very Merry Iowa Christmas

With going to Utah for both Thanksgiving and Christmas we've only had 2 1/2 weeks to be home here in Iowa...But I still insisted we pull out all the decorations. Christmas is such a magical time of year and I love the Spirit in our home that comes with decorating and celebrating Christmas. Tim has been extremely busy these last few weeks but we've still made time for a few of our family traditions and Kate and I have had a lot of fun preparing for Christmas. Kate has loved looking at the tree and surprisingly has left the ornaments safely on the tree. She has only pulled off a few bells and candy canes that I purposefully placed at the bottom of the tree for her. Kate loves seeing pictures and decorations of Santa and even waves at and says "Santa" but is totally terrified of sitting on his lap. I've tried twice now to get a pic but with the death grip she has on me I couldn't get one. Maybe next year! And we recently learned that Kate loves being on part of our church's Christmas party Kate got to participate in the nativity as a shepherd. When it was her turn to come out on stage she enjoyed incessantly waving to Dada, dancing in circles while they sang "Away in a Manger" and at the end blew kisses to the crowd...who knew she'd have such stage presence.

Santa actually made a special trip to our house this weekend so we wouldn't have to worry about packing our gifts back to Iowa. We've had a very Merry Iowa Christmas and are excited for our Utah Christmas!

At our ward Christmas party

Christmas morning

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thanksgiving in Utah

We're back...back in Iowa, back to real life, back to the grind of school...but only for a few weeks before we get to go back :)

We had a great Thanksgiving filled with family, close friends, good food, and fun memories! We sure have a lot to be thankful for.  Perhaps one of the things I am most thankful for is the ability to go "home" to Utah to visit our families!

We had a great time and packed in a lot of fun. I love Utah!! I love those mountains, I love walking into my parents house, I love running into friends from elementary school at the grocery store, I love sharing my favorite places with Kate, and I especially love watching Kate play with her grandparents and cousins. We'll be back real soon Utah, don't worry!

Happy 18th month Birthday to Kate! 
Welcomed by 2 feet of snow
Mickey and Minnie came to visit SLC too! 
ZCMI Candy Windows
Playing with cousin Kaylee 
Kate picked up an affinity for quarter rides this trip 
On campus...she'll be here for real before we know it!
Wagon ride with cousin Ellie at Grandma B's
No snow now...mowing the lawn with Grandpa
So good...I always make sure to frequent Cafe Rio while in town
Thanksgiving baking