Saturday, October 27, 2012

Less Than 2 Weeks

Holy smokes! I can't believe we are down to 10 days until Election Day! Oh boy! 

Over the past few months I have been heavily involved in the 2012 Presidential Election. I have always tried to be politically involved, but this year has been different. I've never felt so strongly or been so passionate about a particular candidate as I am about Mitt Romney! And living in such a crucial swing state I have taken to the streets and phones doing what I can to help! This past week was especially exciting...

We (me, Kate, and my mom) first attended a "Women for Mitt" event that was totally awesome. Six women that worked in Mitt's Massachusetts cabinet or with him during the Olympics came to share their stories. I was totally impressed and particularly impressed to learn how Mitt used his business background to work with Bristol-Myers Squibb and made it possible for them to build a major factory in Massachusetts instead of building a factory outside the U.S., thus creating thousands of jobs for the people of MA. When Mitt says he can improve the economy...I know he can! 

Then we were lucky enough to attend a rally in Cedar Rapids with Mitt!! It was electrifying to be at this event and hear him speak!

If your interested, here's a link from the Cedar Rapids Gazette newspaper covering the event as well as some of the awesome photos they took:

Notice the darling little girl in purple and white (circled)...that's Kate!! How awesome is that?!

Oh and I meant to share this a while back...Back in September I attended another event at the Johnson County GOP Headquarters when Reince Prebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, came to Coralville. I got interviewed by a Gazette reporter...they didn't actually use anything that I said but I loved that they mentioned Kate. Check it out

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  1. I have to admit that when I saw the title of this post I thought you meant less than two weeks til nursery. :) hehe. This is great! Way to go Hayley! Love all the pictures with your mom- those are such fun times. And LOVE the colors of that TREE! I need to come over and see it. In the daytime. :)