Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween! We hope that all of you have had a fun day! We were really excited about our Star Wars costumes this year! And how appropriate with the big news of Disney buying Lucas Ltd. Unfortunately, Kate did NOT like wearing her Ewok hood but we were able to get her to wear it just long enough to sneak a few pictures.

We started celebrating with our ward Halloween Party this past Saturday. Kate enjoyed her first cake walk and trunk-or-treat. It was totally darling to watch her walk from car to car holding her cute little kitty cat treat bag.

Not too excited to be wearing the hood

Then today the med school hosted a Halloween parade and mini-trick-or-treat for the kids! There aren't too many med students with children...but we had 10 kids come! We enjoyed visiting with friends, getting some great treats, and having lunch with Tim. 

Visiting the med school admin offices
Kate actually let me put her hood on and she wore it for about 2 minutes 

The cutest ewok I've ever seen!
Most of the group

Happy Halloween and May the Force be with you!!


  1. These costumes are awesome, you guys are so creative! Kate is the cutest little Ewok. Looks like you had guys had some awesome Halloween celebrations!

  2. Best costumes ever! You guys are so awesome.

  3. I love that in half of these pictures Kate is either not wearing the hat or trying her hardest to get it off. hehe. that little stinker! Well, she's cute with or without it. :)

  4. This is the cutest idea EVER!! You guys looked great!!!! Bryce is pretty nervous about Disney ruining Star Wars, hopefully they wont! =)