Sunday, October 7, 2012

Conference Weekend

We had a great General Conference weekend! I love Conference weekend...I love listening to the inspiring talks from our church leaders and I love all the traditions and fun that we have created along with it.

We enjoyed good friends, good food, a backyard pumpkin harvesting complete with hot cider, and of course the traditional family conference race! I sure miss family at times like these but am also very grateful for great friends!
Our friends Greg and Elizabeth came to help with the Harvest
Three pumpkins for the three of us!

Omeletts by Tim on Sunday morning
The Semi-Annual Sokol Family Tradition...the GC Race

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  1. I LOVE you GC traditions! Such a cute lil family! I'm intrigued with your GC share. Also, please enjoy your pumpkins for me, we are having a hard time finding some here :/