Saturday, October 13, 2012

17 months

Happy 17 months Kate! I can’t believe we are only one month shy of having a 1-1/2 year old. Nursery is coming soon! Whoa, how did that happen?! Kate is one busy gal. She keeps us on our toes and is very independent. 

Kate's vocabulary continues to expand. She is saying more and more words all the time …my two most recent favorites are “pillow” and “turtle.” I am just continually impressed by how much she is learning each day.  Kate loves her muslin swaddle blankets and despite my efforts to persuade her to use a different blanket as her “blankie” she will not budge. She insists on carrying her “B” all around the house and loves wrapping up all of her dollies and stuffed animals with it.

In the past weeks Kate has gotten really good at singing. Now she doesn’t say every word but she totally sings “I Am A Child of God” and “The ABCs!” She has the tune down and says a lot of the words, it is amazing. We have been working hard to get it on video, but of course that is a trick. Kate has a mind of her own. I actually had my friend Allison try and take some 17 month pictures the other day but it was pretty challenging. I haven’t gotten them back yet but decided I’d post some pictures that are much more suited to how things really are (see below). Kate loves the camera. I cannot take a single picture without her grabbing it and/or throwing a small fit because I won't let her have it. She usually wins!

She just might be a real photographer some day :)

Kate is a growing girl and seems to always want a snack. She insists on using a fork and gets very frustrating when she can’t fork a piece of whatever. She has really been into eating spaghetti squash and edemame and still loves yogurt, string cheese, and fruit. All of Kate's incisors have broken through so she has 16 teeth now.

Kate’s favorite books are The Going to Bed Book, B is for Bear, Aloha Is…, and Halloween 123s, Kate loves drawing with a pencil, playing outside ALL OF THE TIME, and standing on the cool step stool Tim built for her next to the kitchen counter helping Mommy.

Enjoying life with all of her "friends"


  1. she is getting so big! i'd love to see her on her little stool next to you. what a sweetie.

  2. What a little smartie pants! Next time we Skype her and paisley will have to sing the abc's together! Such a fun age! Love you guys!

  3. What a cute post and a cute little girl. I love that her personality is really showing through now. We are excited to see you guys in a month! It will be a partay! XOXOX Ann, Adam & Ellie