Monday, September 17, 2012

Hawkeye Football

This past weekend Tim and I went to our first Iowa Hawkeye football game! I feel like we are officially  Hawkeye's now...although...not really...I will ALWAYS and only really be a COUGAR!

We originally planned on taking Kate but after finding out they required that a 16 month old have her own ticket and some friends offered to watch her, we decided to turn it into our weekly date. We had a great time and Kate enjoyed taking her afternoon nap and playing with a friend. Thank you Lowes!

We really had a great time. The weather was perfect and the Hawks even won! I've never seen so much school spirit and was totally amazed by the sea of Iowa gold. Kinnick Stadium, which holds 70,585 people, was totally filled. Man, these Iowans sure know how to support their team...even if they are lousy.

Herky the Iowa mascot 

Thought you might also like to see a few pictures of Kate...

Kate adores her penguin stuffed animal, thank you Grandma B!
Excited about your tomato harvest

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

16 months

Happy 16 months to our little girl! This little gal is GROWING UP! I can hardly believe all the new words and things she can do. She is learning and changing everyday! 

Let's see what is going on with Kate right now....Kate's vocabulary is really expanding. She now says 14 different words (I think), but is also an expert at copying the sound of anything that I say. She is especially darling when she sings the words to the "Clean Up" song. She will actually start to sing it when I say "Kate let's clean up." Kate is definitely a the last few weeks she has really taken to taking care of her dollies and stuffed animals. She loves wrapping them up, rocking them, and carrying them around. It is so amazing how inherent those qualities are. It has been so sweet to watch her care for her little friends. She loves her baby doll, Cinderella Doll, 2 penguin stuffed animals, Ganguin and Peter, and her BYU bear Bronco!  She still loves my old dollhouse, Sesame Street Clubhouse, microwave and playfood. And it is super cute to share a "meal" with her. She is so good at pretending.

Kate takes all her books off her bookshelves at least 10 times a day! She loves a lot of the same books. Favorite is probably still "Aloha Is..." She is STILL wearing her Gold medal necklaces about 85% of the time. She insists on drinking from a real cup and prefers to try and feed herself with a spoon. She continues to be a great eater but has decided she doesn't like beans right now and really likes zucchini. Kate hates having anything in her hair. She can pull anything out, even those tiny little elastics wrapped several times around her hair. She folds her arms for prayers and sometimes even keeps them folded the whole time. Kate prefers being outside and if I'd let her would be content to swing in her bucket swing all day. Oh and Kate has also really taken to letting us know when she is unhappy or wants something...we are working on that! 

We are just having so much fun!

I'm a big girl...trying her non-bucket swing! Notice our awesome pumpkin vine!
A big thank you to my friend Allison who took these darling pictures!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Game Day

First off...I'd just like to give a shout out to the Utah State Aggies! Who knew I could love you so much! I'm not afraid to admit (although it might make me unpopular with some of my favorite Salt Lake friends) I couldn't be happier with the results of last night :) Can't wait for next week...

We had a great Saturday! We started the day in our black and gold as we attended the Institute Iowa/Iowa State tailgate breakfast. We then quickly changed into blue and white (where our true loyalties lie), and we enjoyed a BBQ with some friends and enjoyed watching our Cougars win!

The weather today was perfect...perfect for football, perfect for opening up the house, perfect for spending lots and lots of time outside ! Happy Football Season! Here's to many more Saturdays to come!

We're working on getting Kate to cheer when the Cougs score...although she prefers playing outside than watching tv inside :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lake McBride Round 2

Hope everyone had a Happy Labor Day! I know we did! We started the day with going out to breakfast and then had a great afternoon with a picnic, canoeing, and playing at the beach with a group of friends up on Lake McBride! Sad that summer is over but we are looking forward to a beautiful Fall!