Monday, August 20, 2012

Lake McBride

For our last summer fun event we headed up north to a little lake just north of us called Lake McBride! I think we've found a new favorite place. We originally were planning to canoe but when we saw the paddle boats we just couldn't resist. It was a great last way to enjoy our last Saturday without the worry of school.

Ready to get on the boat

Stopped by the edge of the lake for our picnic on the boat


  1. Oh my goodness!! Many things to comment about(not just about this post):
    #1 I LOVE Kate's pigtails
    #2 Tyler and I want to head to St. Louis VERY soon! Specifically to the city museum and the free zoo. Looks like you are having a blast :)
    #3 Ty and I hope to be as great of parents as you are one day...


  2. Fun! you guys are so adventurous. Who knew there were paddle boats at Lake McBride? Not me! Oh and nice shirt Tim. :) One week til kickoff! Can't wait.