Thursday, August 30, 2012

Zucchini and BYU

I am happy to report we are up to our elbows in if any Iowans are interested, let me know! Our gardens is thriving and I couldn't be more pleased. Here's a pic after our harvest last night. Tomatoes are coming soon!

In other is a very big day...let football season commence! Tonight is BYU's season opener. Kate and I (and Tim) got our gear on and we're ready to cheer!  GO COUGARS!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Lake McBride

For our last summer fun event we headed up north to a little lake just north of us called Lake McBride! I think we've found a new favorite place. We originally were planning to canoe but when we saw the paddle boats we just couldn't resist. It was a great last way to enjoy our last Saturday without the worry of school.

Ready to get on the boat

Stopped by the edge of the lake for our picnic on the boat

Saturday, August 18, 2012

"If you build it...they will come."

We totally came! That's right, the Field of Dreams is only 1 hour 20 minutes from us in Dyersville, IA. Tim took Tuesday afternoon off and we headed up to check it out. It really is just like the movie! It was super fun to hit a few balls, run the bases, play some catch and pretend to disappear into the corn in the outfield!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

St. Louis, MO

This past weekend we headed down to St. Louis, Missouri for a last hoorah before school starts. Although Iowa City is small and doesn't have a lot to do we have loved taking advantage of the fact that there are several big cities only about a 4 hour drive away.

St. Louis is awesome! We had a really great time! And I took a lot of pictures (see below)...There is so much to do in St. Louis and so much of it is free! Our first day we went up the Gateway Arch, enjoyed the famous Ted Drewes frozen custard, and checked out the downtown Citygarden. Initially we weren't sure if we'd go up the Arch but the second we drove into the city and saw it we knew we had to. The Arch is very impressive. Once up top, the windows are small but we think it was worth it. The most fun part is riding in the little egg shaped pod that takes you up.

Picnic dinner in Citygarden followed by frozen custard at the famous Ted Drewes

Our ride up the Arch in our little pod
At the top. It was fun to look out at the Cardinals stadium...unfortunately we didn't get to see a game

Our second day we headed to the St. Louis Zoo. It is totally free and is AMAZING! It is the second best zoo (behind the San Diego Zoo) I've been to. They have the most amazing penguin exhibit ever. We could have pet the penguins they were that close and we even got splashed by them as they swam by. IT WAS AMAZING! Kate also loved riding the carousel, petting the goats, watching the sea lions swim by, and playing with the map.  We also went to the Art Museum (also free) and enjoyed their Van gogh and Monet pieces. 

Having so much fun at the Zoo

St. Louis Museum of Art...also free!
Kate learning to appreciate art
We then headed out of downtown to go visit some of our good friends from Colorado! We loved catching up with the Johnson's and loved watching the kids play. We ate at a great BBQ place and enjoyed going to a local orchard for some music, custard, and fun.

Kate especially loved Sarah!

Then our last day we headed to City Museum! It's almost hard to describe to this place. It is the craziest mixture of play and fun. It's like a children's museum for both kids and adults.They have this amazing playground consisting of slides, cages, bridges, platforms, balls, and fun. 

What a great trip! I would totally recommend St. Louis. Come visit and we'll meet you there!

Can you spot Tim?
Kate loved the ball pit 
That's me in the orange shirt
Kate having fun climbing around

Sunday, August 12, 2012

15 months

Our little gal just keeps getting bigger! Everyday is an adventure! We are having so much fun with our little girl!

Let's 15 months...Kate has 12 teeth. She has the cutest blond hair that is getting so long in back (and it even has a little curl to it). She loves wearing necklaces, beads, or Gold medals! She loves playing with her vintage Little People Sesame Street Clubhouse, doll house accessories, finger puppets, and play food. She still loves flipping through books and pulling them off the bookshelves. Favorite books right now are Aloha Is... and Cookie's Week. She also loves this little book with Chinese characters that Tim's parents brought back for her from China. She loves eating Gogurt, FRUIT, chips, string cheese, and green beans. She doesn't seems to like vegetables as much as she used to but can't get enough of fruit. And has recently discovered Otter Pops! Kate loves carrying around her swaddle blankets and loves putting her toys in her clothes hamper. Kate also loves climbing on anything and is so proud of herself when we gets on top of her toy drum (but hasn't figured out how to get down). She likes taking baths again and loves to be tickled. Still loves waving to everyone and saying "ello."

Monday, August 6, 2012

Olympic Fever

Olympic Fever? Have you caught it? The temperature has certainly risen at the Iowa Bahr household! I'm not ashamed to admit I spend at least 4 hours per day watching! Not to mention miss out on sleep because I have to stay up and watch every last second...The Olympics only come around every 4 years, right (Let's not discuss that with the Winter ones it's actually every 2)? The Olympics are just so inspiring and so much fun! I can't get enough of it!

We were invited to a Opening Ceremony party and were presented with these Gold medals. Kate spends at least 95% of her waking hours wearing them, taking them on only to put them right back on or carrying them around. She even tries to wear them in the tub. We call her Double Gold Kate and like to compare her to Gabby Douglas! Kate totally has Olympic Fever and I couldn't be prouder! Go USA!

We haven't really let Kate watch much TV...but we never hesitate to let her when it comes to BYU Sports, General Conference, and now the Olympics! 

And I know it's not related but I had to include this cute pic...Kate lined up the Princesses on her own and took them on a stroll around the house- So cute!