Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Week 4

Another full week chuck full of fun...and believe it or not this isn't half the pictures!

East Millcreek 4th of July Parade

My brother Jeff who is the Energy Management Coordinator for the City of Salt Lake gave us an inside tour of the City and Co. Building. We got to go to the very top...which only very few have access. Since 2nd grade I have wanted to do this.  It was totally awesome!

Checking out the big bells
At the very top!
Church History Museum- Book of Mormon Children's Exhibit...it is awesome!

It actually rained one day so we headed to the museum
Checked out a Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives Guy Fieri approved restaurant
Game night with two of my dearest friends, Ashley and Jenny

It wouldn't be summer without running through some sprinklers, right?
Birthday BBQ for Auntie Ann
Hogle Zoo with Uncle Bob, Auntie Hana, and Brady, Evan, Bronson, and Paisley

We loved the new Rocky Shores exhibit. The seals and polar bear were especially active.

Oh and I totally forgot to mention that Kate took her first steps on June 11th! She slowly started taking more steps and worked on gaining her confidence and just last week really took off. She is now a total walking pro!

And just yesterday two of her bottom molars broke through. One on the left, one of the right. I didn't even now they were getting close...She is a very good girl! She now has 10 teeth!

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